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Thursday, October 3, 2019

top recently discovered earth like planets

top recently discovered earth like planets

top recently discovered earth like planets

Top recently discovered earth-like planets  Our earth is such a planet where everything of life is worth living, how did you start life on earth and what is here that has made life possible on earth, you must have read all these things in many videos or articles today. I am writing a topic about some planets i.e. planets where life is just like the Earth, that is, the atmosphere and biological environment can lead to life and sometimes humans leave the earth. Many do so will pay very possibility of the human being like a home from them to this article is the most interesting reading, since the last one planets complete and perhaps you've even guess his name so stay tuned.


This is an exoplanet, that is the outer planet of our solar system. This planet was discovered in august 2016, due to this planet heavy table zone, a RED DWARF planet is going through the name of this RED DWARF planet is PROXIMA CENTAURI and it is our One of the closest of the sun's stars is the heavy table zone means to maintain such a distance from any of the stars of this planet that maintains the temperature sufficient for the water to remain liquid. 40 TRILLION is at the distance of a kilometer and The closest constellations have existed in Centaurus. Many of you will know the meaning of constellations but those who do not know constellations is such a group of stars that by adding we can make an imaginary thing like if we add a group of stars to an If the animals could imagine that group of the star, they can say a constellation. This planet is about 30% bigger than the earth and the most shocking thing is that it takes 375 days to put the earth in the sun. It has taken only 11 days to fix the star i.e. PROXIMA CENTAURI, it takes only 11 days to fix it. One problem with this planet is that only 2% of its sunlight gives light on the earth. It means that the day will be almost like night, where there will be very little light, now you are thinking that this problem is not so big, well another big problem is that there are very strong winds here, which is about 200 times from the earth. There is more power, but it is sometimes so fast, that is why this planet is very similar, our earth scientist is constantly trying to find out what the atmosphere there is made of, that is, what gases are there so that Possible to find life there.

2.: KEPLER 42F

This planet 14 April 2013 was found by NASA's Kepler mission, this exoplanet is just like our earth, this super-earth planet is orbiting its star i.e. the heavy table zone of Kepler 42, this planet is 90 light-years away from the earth. According to the scientist's estimate, in the constellations of the name Lyra, it is either a rocky planet with little water or it is a house with a lot of water and a large part of the house is covered with water. There is more hope of life, it fixes its sun in about 24 days, and here about 60% of its sunlight comes from our earth, by some calculation, it is also being estimated that it is tidal in its orbit. It remains locked, that is, it is not rotating on any axis as our earth rotates, so here one side will always be towards the sun, due to which there will be a lot of heat and the other side will always be in the dark. Due to which the temperature there will be very low and due to this, there will be a very little area left for living here, where people will be able to live on the border of day and night, where it will not be too cold nor too hot if we can make such technology. If humans can be so far away, then it is possible to have a lot of life here.

3.: KEPLER-652B

This planet was found on 1 April 2015 from a Kepler space telescope, it is in the constellations of Cygnus' name and its star name is KEPLER-852 it is also called commonly super-earth because it is like a sun-like our sun. Its mass is about 5 times more than our earth, due to which the gravity of this place is about 2 times more than our earth and due to having more surface area, it absorbs too much sunlight, that's why the average temperature is slightly higher here.  In spite of this, according to the simulation test, the temperature on the planet is very stable here, the sun appears on this planet just like our sun and this planet takes about 345 days of its sun, it is far away from our solar system and even Perhaps new technologies will be needed to go, now perhaps you will say that according to the studies of 2014 the possibility of this planet is low, but more scientist of NASA is not so convenience by this studies and all the data they have got and Complete There is no complete data for this studies, which is why this planet exists until it becomes theory from hypothetic.

4: HD 85512 B

This planet is a star of vela constellation HD 85512 which is a k type main frequency star. Bright star and main frequency mean that the star whose main fuel is hydrogen, like our sun is also a main frequency star, its mass is about 3.6 times higher than the Earth, it is placed in the categories of the rocky and side exoplanet. The best six was found by humans Ta is exoplanet which is orbiting a star in its have table zone. This planet is also tidally locked, that is, half of it is always in the sun and half is in darkness, it receives about 2 times the light of our earth. This planet is believed to be a stable planet like the Earth, it was discovered on 17 august 2011.

5: GLIESE 581 D

This exoplanet in a libra constellation is about 20 light-years away from us. In a computer simulation by a scientist, there is a lot of chance of getting water here, that is why it is considered to be a very earth-like planet because its distance is very good for the sun. In proposition, however, according to some studies in 2012 and 2014, the scientist had raised a question about the existence of this planet, but in 2015, another study was done after which the possibility of this planet is very high. It increased a lot. It was discovered on 24 April 2007. One day on this planet is equal to about 7 days on Earth, so far when the data found in the simulation has been seen, it is believed that there is an ocean on this planet. It is possible.

top recently discovered earth like planets


MARS i.e. our Mars, if we talk about today's technology and alternative of the past, then we have only one option and that is MARS. MARS can become a second habitable place for humans and maybe we will see this happening because according to which Elon musks and NASA are working so much about Mars, you and I can see humans living on Mars. You will find evidence of water in the soil here and it is believed that there used to be water here, there is proper sunlight here and the day is almost as big as our day, here the gravity is very high. Less than Earth, Mars has only 13% gravity but it is still in an acceptable range where we can live and slowly humans can control this gravity space X and NASA are doing their experiments and research and here On the earth itself, we are creating such an atmosphere as on mars and trying to live there so that when they go to the real mars, they can stay there Elon musk will be able to send people successfully to mars till 2026 or 2031 and by 2050 We deserve to live there too much The society can make to any person mars to go on will be.

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