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Friday, October 11, 2019

how to drink water properly

how to drink water properly

how to drink water properly

how to drink water properly drinking water is one of the most important things for humans to live, but do you know when and how much and how much you should drink, maybe many of you will say yes I know but maybe they know but many people The science behind them will either know or will either be wrong or it will not be known, that is why this blog must fall for the last time because it is the best thing for every human being in this world. The only thing is his body and water is not less than any nectar to keep the body healthy and his magnesium smooth from under. Whenever a person is born, his body is made up of 75% water but aging With this water goes on decreasing; when grown-up, a young man i.e. MALE contains 70% water and the same is made up of 55% water in a female, now you might be asking the question that you said A child's body is made up of 70% since childhood, but that water is actually where the water remains like a spinal in our liver, kidney, stomach, bladder, and backbone. Our heart and brain are about 85 to 60% water. It is made up of the same and our lungs contain up to 43% water, but most of the body is stored in our body cells. Perhaps you do not know that our strokes which appear to be completely healthy Under About 31% are water, that's why all our body parts need water to function well, here some people can say that all these things are rubbish that I would have left without drinking. I am and I do not even know, so I just have to tell them that yes it may not matter to you, that is, what you have now, that is your productivity, you will see a lot of benefit in drinking water in the right way. You will find that your stress level is very low, you will see a lot of deterioration in it, you will relax and feel more comfortable than before. Recent research at the University of Cambridge shows that water is not only your body strength but also Your mental power, that is, increases your brainpower as well. The regular time to time drinking water gives a benefit of 17% inefficiency of your brain. Doctors also tell that more than 40 There are such diseases which are actually due to lack of water and people do not take too much water to drink so seriously, they remain so busy in their lives, that is, they think so much about their work or studies that their body Not able to pay attention above, but the truth is that if your body is fit only then you will be able to give your best, there will probably be many of you who have eyes to sleep or hair. There will be diseases like fall and you always keep looking for some miraculous medicine that stops your hair breakage or if their eyesight increases, then all these problems can also be cured with water.

First question how much water should you drink

Now there is no definitive answer to this question because every person's physical structure, physical activity and the weather where they live are different, the water keeps extracting the toxic chemicals of the body under persistent sweat from our body. Water in our body is less when we speak or breathe, the water keeps blowing from the body as well, similarly, we remove about 2 to 3 liters of water daily from our body in India. In a normal 25 to 30 degrees, a male should drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water and the same female should drink 2 to 3 liters.

If you are doing a workout or running then you must have heard your people saying that you should not drink water while doing gym or running, well it is a myth that your heart rate is very high when you are doing a workout or running. It is faster because of which that more blood reaches that part of your body, which you are exercising as if running, it will supply more blood to supply nutritions in your foot and with blood you will get more oxygen If you also need en, then to maintain this thing, you should keep drinking water in between, for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, you should drink up to 1 liter of minimum water, but you do not have to drink all this water together. You have to drink a little bit, now knowing all these things, you should not drink too much water, drinking too much water increases the pressure on your kidneys too much and it can prove to be very dangerous for him. And when you drink a little water, then you will be able to drink in a while, then there is no need to panic that half of my day goes into drinking your body is hydrated, that is, whether it lacks water or not. You can also know from the color of the mixture if your color is like clear water, then your body is well hydrated and as soon as there is a lack of water in your body, the more yellow your mixture starts to become. Will be done

Question number two: when to drink water and when not

The more important thing than when we should drink water, is that when we should not drink water, because drinking water at the wrong time has a great effect on our body, you must know that in the morning you first wake up Should drink 2 glasses of water, but do you know the reason behind it? Well, after digesting food at night, too many toxic chemicals are formed in our intestine and that is why you wake up. If you drink, your drunk water will completely excrete the same toxic chemicals and your stomach and other organs that digest the food will become completely clean. When you wake up in the morning, the bass that forms in your mouth will contain many enzymes for digestion, There are antibodies and antimicrobial agents and after getting up, all of them go to your stomach and many people also say that you should not drink water immediately before eating or immediately after eating. And this is not a myth, the reason is that whenever we start eating, our stomach starts forming juice in a way consisting of digestive enzymes and its function is to heat up your eaten piece. Start to digest it, if you drink water before eating or immediately after eating, then this digestive juice is lost, that is, it gets diluted too much by mixing in water and cannot generate so much heat, and Food does not digest properly and remains in your stomach like this and this is the reason why gas starts to build up in your stomach. Now if you drink water immediately after eating food, then you should immediately go on a walk. By the way, if you go on a 10 to 15 minute walk without drinking water, then it is very good for your digestion process, if your food is not digested properly then the biggest problem caused by it is acidity and people who eat People drink water immediately after eating, most of those people have to face acidity and this is the reason why you should chew your food so that small pieces increase the surface area of ​​your food to heat it up properly. Drinking water immediately after eating food does not digest your food and it also increases your cholesterol level, which further leads to a problem like a heart attack. You should drink water after 60 minutes, if you forget to do this then today there are many such apps in the store which will remind you according to the timer you have set up that it is time to drink water. After you have eaten, you put a timer of 30 minutes in it. After 30 minutes, even if you forget that you have not drunk water after eating, your phone will remind you if you are very much If you are eating food, then you can eat food while drinking 2 to 3 gulp of water so that the food does not get stuck in the throat, you should never drink water immediately after having a toilet. They start to become smaller and in such a situation, due to drinking water immediately, they enlarge those organs to go to their normal size, due to which those organs can become weak, due to this, your body will drink your water. hold to take to create problems in sending them in different organs and cells.

how to drink water properly

Question Third How to drink water

Today, there are many people who like to do a lot of work, even they finish their food in 5 minutes and they drink a lot of water in a few seconds but if you are doing this then you should change this habit immediately because our body can only handle about 250 to 300 ml of water at a time i.e. only up to 300 ml can be absorbed by different body like muscles, bones, and cells if you can be absorbed simultaneously. daughter-in-law If you drink all the water, then it will increase the pressure on your kidney too much and it will feel that it is very dangerous for me and it will send all your water to the blader, ie your drinking water will come out as urine. And you will not be able to reach your cells properly, you will not know the problems you are having, but you may have problems when your age increases and naturally water starts coming down from your body.

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