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Sunday, October 27, 2019

how high can build

how high can build

how high can build
how high can build- Ever since humans have taken care of their lives, they have made 3 basic things in order to stay alive, bread, cloth, and house, in the field of the house, they have made very much progress when the pyramid of Egypt was made, then it was 147 meters, that is about 482 From the top, it had become the tallest thing made by humans and he kept this book for about 4000 years and then in 13th century in 1311 took it away from the lincoln cathedral of England and tax it. With the height of 160 M / 524 ft, now it had become the tallest thing in the world that humans had built and after this, there was a desire to build a high building under everyone, and today we have built such buildings whose height is also very much to think before. Was more difficult

But whether it is so easy to make things up to the height of the sky, well in today's topic, we will try to explain something above that how much people can make anything till the height.

Now we know that in today's time some such buildings and structures have directly challenged the laws of engineering and science as I told you that the pyramid of Egypt was the first such monuments that won the records of being the tallest. But several years after breaking his records, in 1884, Washington monuments made records of the height of 169m / 555ft, just a few days after this the highest swing of this world was made of the same height, so obesely this monument This was not so high now. If we talk about the tallest statue, yet in 2018, the statue of unity i.e. in 182m  the statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was inaugurated, which has become the tallest statue of this world, this statue is so high. If someone jumps on top of it, then it will take about 5sec to fall to the ground.

It may take more time than that, but the time the Eiffel tower was built, then the human's limit was told in that, then humans thought that maybe it is just now that no one can make a thing higher than this, because the height of the Eiffel tower is about 301m/986ft. It is built with steel, this building was not harming nature as much as any building that can afford a height can easily be airlifted from it, there is no shortage on it and it stands comfortably. After about 41 years, ie in 1930, the Chrysler building raised 319m /1046ft to overtake the Eiffel tower and built the world's tallest building but in the next year in 1931, the empire state building shocked the engineer and architect of the whole world. The height is about 448m /1472 ft. Now something different happened in 1950 in the world, people suddenly started to build radio and TV towers and these towers could be built so high that at that point any but It was not possible to even think about idea, in this period, there was never any record of having a high building because there was some tower or tower which used to be very high and it was because it was very Due to this, the force of air at the height was not too much due to which it was too much to move it because it had reduced the surface area too much warsaw radio towers of this world. It was the tallest, it was so high that standing under it, you could not even see its highest point. Around 646m/2121 ft, this tower had made the highest record of 1991, some workers were working on it in 1991 and the mistake of doing wire exchange. With this, they made the wire so tight that due to its pressure, this tower started to bend and this tower made of steel fell in a few days, no one has an image or video of this incident.

how high can build

This year around 2000, there was an idea in the mind of someone who shook everyone in the field of construction, you might have thought that his name is Burj Khalifa when this idea was first put in front of engineers and architects. The condition of all of them worsened. They thought that how is it possible that this building is so high that if any person jumps over it, it will take about 20 seconds to touch the ground. It will take 20 minutes to imagine. If you want to keep falling till 20 seconds How much does it take, by putting a timer on your watch, guess how long it will keep falling, the engineer said that it is so high that if we can also prepare cement to build the building and find a way to take it to such a height. If this cement goes up, it will freeze in half due to the heat of Dubai, but then this solution was found out that they will do all the work in the night, this building If you see the sun rising from the ground floor and go to the top floor with a super-fast lift, then you will be able to see the same view again, Burj Khalifa is the building which humans showed and this The building tells so much that humans have built a building to such a high level, but it cannot tell how tall a person can build a building, now we compare this building to Mount Everest So it is nothing in front of him but theoretical humans can create even more high buildings of Mount Everest but just say it engineers in practically in theoretically.

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