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Saturday, October 5, 2019

how does karma work

how does karma work

how does karma work

how does karma work this topic is slightly different from my regular science and technologies and is very interesting and it has taken me a lot of time to research behind it, so read this article in full?
 In this world, you will get the same fruits as you do, it is written in the Gita, AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP means you will get the same results as you have written, it is written in the bible and in the book of almost all religions, these things are written. It is easy to live it means that what you will do will be the same as you, but are these things in the books or do these meanings have something in our life?

There is no effect on life, in today's topic, we will try to explain it with this logical point if you want to understand it as if God has said it, that is why it happens or it is God's justice system i.e. to provide justice There is a way, there is no problem in it, it is your belief and we all respect it a lot, but in today's topic, we will talk a little bit differently from this part if you feel bad about it. I am not thinking like you said that only God has said that it is not so I am just logically writing this article to explain it well, today I am telling you in a scientific way that you will do the same thing as you will get this line. It is called LAW OF KARMA and if we can compare it with the very famous natural law of science newton's 3rd law which says EVERY ACTION HAS EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION means the equal and opposite reaction of every action you have done. what happens to Know that I did not say that these two are the same.

I said that we can compare these two laws. Now, does this third law of newton work only on physical things or this cosmic energy which we positive energy in easy language And we also speak negative energy if we came to know that it works on cosmic energy as well, then we can easily say that yes the law of karma actually works and we also have its proof now We just assume that if your It has happened that if you have helped someone and any of your stalled work is completed, then we consider this topic as a purpose, because by doing this you will probably understand the laws mentioned in this topic, you will be very careful. Carefully read the things mentioned in this topic because this is a very deep topic, when I was researching about it, it took me 3 days to fully understand and decide that you should It has to be explained as it is shown by proving the law of karma in a mathematics paper and obviously it is very much advanced mathematics which everyone cannot understand, I have a lot of math in my BCA, that's why I have a lot of things to say. Got it and there were some other sources out of it, I am trying to explain to you in easy language.

First of all, karma means that people understand karma very well, people think that karma is what people do in physical levels, like saving a drowning person or pushing a person into the water, more people think that this There is karma, but actually pushing in the karma that is being talked about here is a small part of karma, what you do, what you speak and what you think, a combination of these three together makes karma like If you are pushing someone into the water without thinking anything, then it is not an act because you did not have any intention to do that work but if you want that person to die in water and Thinking that you push in water is this karma because it includes thought, and it is a matter of fact, logically and emotionally, it is a bad karma even if that person does not die but it is a bad karma. And if you push it thinking that it will learn to fall in the water and it will be useful for you if you need it further, and even if that person dies in the process, it is still a good deed. Do not start teaching someone to read you.

Well then you do karma only if you have a motive behind doing that work and this motive creates cosmic energy that detracts the energy around you, that energy will be someone, your karma will be your under vibration It grows and our thinking and our intentions are controlled by these vibrations. All this cosmic energy gets stored in the AKASHI layer in the records of this information. This imaginary layer is all around the earth and like an atmosphere here. The motive behind our work and the information store of our emotion remains. This store as the frequency of information particles and its vibration.

The group of some people, whom we call THEOSOPHIST, according to them the particles and frequency occurring in this sky. You can incode and the frequency and vibration of the particles there is your underage matches the vibration of electricals signals and electrons of your hearth rate brain. Many scientists are trying to explain this psychological phenomenon but Even so, no scientific evidence has been attached to it, that is why science does not believe it, but by experimenting on many people, it was seen whether their karma brought any change in their life, that is, they were kept in observation from childhood and absolutely Like the records of sky, physical records of his actions, emotions and thought were made, that is, when he was happy, when he worked with cones and what was the purpose behind him, now there are many psychos in this experiment Knowledge ie physiatrist was involved, so it was not difficult to find out the dim set of the experiment that was going on, that is, it was not difficult to find out what is going on in their mind, in 2012, this experiment was concluded, 60% of those who did a good job. People were successful in their life and the remaining 20% ​​people did not become successful but when they were interviewed, they told that they are living a satisfied life i.e. they have any complaint from their life He has now seen this result and everyone went to the astonished that almost every human being has enjoyed happiness in his life and kept others happy, kept his thinking positive, those people were very happy in their life, while those who tried to pull down others were always a negative. He was not happy at all in his life with thought, so by this experiment, we got to know that even if conventional science could not explain Akash's records or the law of karma in a single definition.

In observation, we got to see that it works and that is why it was considered natural and phycological law. Note that the law of karma is a natural law, rather it has been considered only that and because of nature Law is science, any action we do has an energy effect around us and changes in our under vibration result of this experiment, a psychological team gave a theory and explained what work we do according to them. Are they The information is being stored in the sky and every particle has a particular frequency to vibrate, more than that these particles cannot vibrate and once they reach their maximum number frequency, then it transfers the energy into other particles. Start doing and transfer the energy in such a way that the environment around you starts to change, that if you do good things, then the environment around you will be so that you will feel happy from under. And the same thing happens with a bad person, negativity expands around him and he always seems to be unhappy, although many scientists refused to accept this theory, there were many people who I used to believe that theory is making a science according to me.

how does karma work

More people think that a successful person is happy in life, but a professor at the University of California experimented on many people and said that the happy person, he went ahead and made successfully, happiness is also your secret to being successful. You are happy to be successful so now that I had told you the theory, some modifications were done in it and it was re-published differently, in the new theory a complicated example was given, but in the same way, you can get a simple example. We do not get to see the results of whatever work we do, it automatically comes to us in some other form or in some other opportunity, like if you eat food, then you have your hands to eat. You have done the work of breaking the piece of bread and bringing it to your mouth, then your teeth have chewed it and then the food pipe, intestines have all done their work and eat it in the last They lift the plate and give it to the stomach, in the same way that we, humans, are like that hand, and that leg and other body organs and whatever work we do, we give it to the universe and then our stomach like that After digesting the food, the energy released from it reaches the body in all the parts according to the need, similarly we give our karma universe as vibration and then universe your result according to your vibration. It gives the meaning that whatever information you are doing, good or bad, its information has gone to the universe or nature. Now all such living creatures have information of all that goes to nature and it gives it to your vibration Accordingly, it gives you lotus as its result, in our time today, people who have the energy to do anything, our problem is that before doing anything, they start desiring results i.e. without any input personally without For this action, if we want any result or reaction from universe, then if we do any work, first think that its result will be how it is, and in the process of this, we do not even do our work, we spend all our time thinking that How will we get the result?

So till you do not act, that is, by your work you will not bring your vibration to the universe, then how the universe will change your life as if you can get what you want. In this world it is easy to do anything, just one thing you have to do is to take action, leave everything else to nature, if your underage is passion for that thing, then the vibration of your underarm will definitely transfer to nature and yet in the principles mentioned If anything is true then nature will definitely give you its result. Whenever you help someone or give pleasure to someone, then the brain named ventral striatum gets activated. This is the part of the brain that activates when you get a reward or when someone praises you.

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