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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

the silva mind control method use

the silva mind control method use

the silva mind control method use

the silva mind control method use


the silva mind control method used is the second part of this topic, if you have not read the first part of this topic, then you will not understand this blog at all, you read the first part 1, you will find the link in the last and in the beginning and those who read the earlier topic. We have taken those people in a hurry to tell them in the first part, in the first part we talked about 5 pillars of

1. Alpha level programming
2. Positive programming
3. Creative visualization
4. Desire, belief, and expectancy
5. The silva lifestyle

Now in this topic, I will tell you how you will be able to control the technique of this silva mind control method, that is, how the use of this silva mind control method requires a lot of experience and a lot on the internet. There are such websites whose membership you will be able to learn this method in a very professional manner.  has many techniques that cannot be covered in a blog but today I am telling you such a technique. Knowing that you will be able to make your life a little easier and if you are a student, then this method is going to be very useful in this method, we will improve our memory i.e. subconscious mind. You are sitting recently and when you are reading the question paper, you feel that you know the answers to all these questions, but as soon as you start writing, one or more questions come which you do not remember, then you think if my memory is weak, I do not remember anything, it is totally wrong to believe that there is nothing like bad memory or low memory, it just depends on focus and concentration whenever someone says that by doing this your memory improve. If you do that work, then you will do that work with focus and concentration, your concentration and focus power will increase a lot so that you will do any work with full focus and later you will not speak it now improve memory. Tax For this,  has described two techniques, one of them is the Slow method and the other is the Fast method, if you have to improve your memory in the fastest way, then you have to make a special mind tool for your mind and every one of it I will have to practice the day which I will express further, but before that, know that how to use the slow method, to use the slow method, you have to first take yourself to the alpha stage, alpha stage means you have to go to your subconscious retard. Will, You know that all the work that is not very important for us, such as keeping the pen cap while writing or when you are looking with your eyes, you only focus on what is in front of your eyes but What is there in your vision ie when you are looking in that frame but in many sides, then that information will not go to your mind, that information also goes into your subconscious retard and you don't even know. Suppose you went to someone's house, you drank tea there and talked to them, then will your attention go to that cup of tea, but maybe when you see the same cup again, you will immediately feel that I have seen such a cup before. But remembering that where you have seen, that information is giving your subconscious retard, there are many such things which you do not pay attention to, but still it is in your mind and if we concession If we can go to sly alpha level then we will be able to easily remember all the information that we had not paid attention to. Now for this how you will go into alpha state, first of all, you have to find a quiet place where any noise or traffic or crowd like You can go into alpha state by sitting there or sleeping even if there is no movement, but I would advise you to sit down, for this you will have to be absolutely focused, for this reason, keep away from mobile phones and similar distractive things.

Now you have to sit in this position and close your eyes, the image you are seeing is to sit in that position.

And whatever thought is coming in your mind, you have to stop it, it is a little difficult to think about it, because whenever someone says that do not think anything, then at that time the most thought starts coming in our mind. The cure is that try and focus on your breathing i.e. breathing will slowly disappear, all your thoughts will now lower all the muscles of your body, that is, let loose, believe that when you do this work you will feel like you have no weight, your mind will become completely calm and light and you will be very relaxed, after being in such a position for some time, you will reach your alpha state, now you are inside your subconscious retard. And you can remember any information from there like you did not pay attention to their talks in a teacher's lecture but your ears were open so that is why all their things got stored in your subconscious mind. Can remember anything from the switch to this technique is called slow technique is so Because you think the time is 7 to 15 minutes to go in alpha state

the silva mind control method use

Now in fast method you will be able to use the same technique in the fastest way, in this technique we can go into alpha state instantly but it does not mean if we can go instantly in the way then why use slow method of our subconscious  This slow method can go deep, but in the fast method we cannot go as deep as in the fast method, you will have to do alpha level programming of your dim once, just like you install an app on your mobile for the first time. Just have to do it once After that you can instantly go to those apps. Similarly, after programming the alpha level once your brain, you can go to instantly alpha level to do alpha level programming, you have to do an above meditation exercise for 1 week. There is a very big topic and can bring a lot of changes in your life. In the fast method, you have to meditate for two minutes of the day from focus for 1 week if I connect your thumb and 2 fingers on its side. Then my mind will immediately poach in alpha state and I will remember whatever I want to remember, even if it seems strange to read, but believe that thousands of people have improved their memory using it now. If you have done the programming of dim, then you have to remember anything that you have to remember like the key of your car or where you have seen before, or you are not remembering the question you have read in the exam. You can remember it using the three-finger technique. Now as soon as these three fingers of your hand are combined, your brain will automatically get a signal that you want to go into alpha state and it will take you to alpha state and now whatever You also want to remember to recreate it in your mantle monitor, as if you were sitting and studying, recreate the place in your mind, you will automatically miss that whole reading scientifically silva told that this is possible for this Because you had done programming of your brain, as soon as your three fingers are connected you will reach alpha state and it has been physically proofed. Normally the frequency of your brain is 14 to 21 per/second, but after programming it as soon as you have all three fingers. If you add a few seconds, your brain waves decrease from 4 to 15, this is a unique superpower of our brain, I hope you will get some help from this blog and you will get a lot of help in your life. If you want to know this whole technique, you can learn professionally by purchasing online membership or you can buy its book. The name of this book is  It is also available on amazon.

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