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Friday, September 20, 2019

The power of the Third eye

The power of the Third eye 

The power of the Third eye

We are always trying to know what is far beyond our reach, so companies like space agency spend millions of dollars to know our universe, but is there only space and another world about which we do not know? If you do not believe in science, then you have to complete this article because today you will get to know something using which you can change your life as much as we do We know about half of it, we don't even know about our body and our mind, now these are some things that we can see, but what about them which we just feel that yes, I am talking about the spiritual world. I have such powers about which we do not have any evidence, but there are such incidents due to which we have to believe without any desire on this, now some people will call this teacher world God, Allah and They believe in the powers of the Gods of their religion and some people do not believe in all these things, but you must have heard people saying that at that place there is a man who can tell you everything by looking at you, now the meaning of the spiritual world is miracle. Or it is not from such things as magic, but it is also a science pure science but such a science which we know very little about or is now starting to know scientific word and spiritual word is not different from different science. - Is doing different searches and is using quantum mechanics. All those things were already discovered by the great men of spirit. Our body basically consists of 4 chakras and there is something in our body which we also know by the name 3 eye This 3 eye is in the same chakras, each chakra is responsible for different behavior for your body and you will know that our brain has mainly two counts, first conscious mind and second sub-conscious mind our subconscious mind conscious. Too much stare There is a tension, but the problem is that we cannot control it, but if your third eye opens, then you will learn to control your subconscious mind and you will also start to feel the power of your retard and you will be able to do all that. An ordinary person who cannot do it, an average human being knows to use only 10% of his light, but the best thing is that this third eye is under us all, but it does not remain an active force. Because it has to activate, now there are some people who believe that there is nothing like the third eye but science has also proved it and in biological term it is called pineal gland, there are two hemispheres in our brain and this pineal gland lies between these two, its size is as much as a pea grain, as much as science is trying to know about it, its secrets are increasing even more, science only knows that A chemical released which we call melatonin, it increases the strength of our central nervous system and melatonin is most released when we are sleepy or when our eyes are closed or we are in the dark. Not much is known about it, but one thing is sure that it can definitely give us such powers that can show us things from across the world, ie things which the common man cannot see but As will be realized if they are no longer thinking of pineal  gland, which science could not even understand in a good way,

 How to open the third eye

The power of the Third eye

so why do we call the third eye i.e. the third eye, its alignment is in the middle of our forehead, in very spiritual traditions its power has been considered and it is said that the third eye is opened. After we can see anything very deeply and this increases your concentration power and focus thousands of times more, now it has so many benefits, everyone uses it Why don't you research has found that this pineal gland is the most active at a specific frequency and it is very difficult to get that frequency. With yoga and meditation, you can change the frequency of your body sometimes. You go to a place in your dream where you have never been before, but even after you wake up, you remember a little bit, so our pineal gland is activated a little bit by closing your eyes with your powers of mind. Wherever we go, we are called astral travel, whose third eye is opened, he can do astral travel i.e. he can roam anywhere in the world with the power of his light, just by closing his eyes. You must have heard those who tell the future and their things are true to a large extent, then do they do miracles or not, they are pure science, it is called telekinesis and they can do it by activating their third eye and third eye. Because you also realize the powers of the surrounding people, many such incidents happen every day, behind which such unknown energy is involved. DEJA VU is also one of them if you do not know what DEJA VU would have been. So, I have written a separate topic for him, you can click on him in deja vu and his link will be in the word of deja vu itself, after reading this article, you can also have it, daily meditation can activate your pineal gland. Tax It helps if you have learned to control the subconscious retard by activating pineal gland, topping the board or IT, you will find it easy to find these subjects, now you may have another question that even after regular meditation you will How to know if your third eye is opening, that is, pineal gland is being activated when your pineal gland starts activating, then your forehead will start to have mild itching and feel a strange heaviness in the middle of your forehead. You will start feeling energized by the words of others, that is, by their behavior, you will start to see everything on your own with positive eyes, you will inadvertently start taking difficult decisions of life very easily, you will always feel happy and motivated. You must have heard people saying that I did this work with the confidence of my sixth sense and I got more success in it, it is only because of the sixth sense pineal gland if you get this super If you want power, you will have to change your lifestyle from students to big businessman stress. This stress and tension is the biggest hindrance in opening your third eye, if you have to unlock your superpower by opening the third eye then you will First of all stress will have to be reduced and for that you will have to start Meditation and try to make sure that your mind is separated from this crowded world for a few minutes and your own self. The Find-me hope SUPERPOWER close to us all of these will know Glad just us caught unlock the rest who have to unlock it and today we live to see them in the Internet and news.


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