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Monday, September 23, 2019

the mysterious planet

the mysterious planet

the mysterious planet


the mysterious planet school college or many more discussion, whenever we talk about solar system i.e. the solar system, we talk about the 4 planets and a sun in which this solar system is formed, thousands of years ago people thought that In our solar system, there are only 7 planets, after the discovery of Mercury, venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, and Saturn but telescopes, we first saw our solar house of 7, i.e. Uranus in 1781, seeing the movement and gravitational behavior of Uranus scientists. Felt that something else There is also one that remains in its path and after a few years scientists have also discovered that Neptune is another planet in our solar system from very long time, but in view of its size, in August 2007, the IAU i.e. the international astronomical unit had We took away the unit of the planet from it and put it in the list of a dwarf planet.

 The name of that planet pluto. Similarly, we have learned that there is a total of 6 planets in our solar system by removing the pluto but in 2016, scientists In our solar system, there is evidence of having another planet. In 2016, California Institute of technology mei two researchers discovered 6 planets i.e. 4 planets using mathematical and computational model i.e. computer model, with the help of these equations and models. It was guessed that there could be another planet far away from our sun, which is only part of our solar system, if these models are considered, then 6 planets are 10 times heavier than the earth and its diameter is 2 to 4 times which That It makes about Neptune as big as Neptune is about 30 AU from sun i.e. astronomical unit is away while pluto is 40 AU away from sun to middle of earth is called 1 astronomical and if there is 4 planet then its distance is said to be around 400 AU.

This planet is so far away from the sun that it may take about 10 to 20000 years to plant a greener, it means that when it will be the closest to the sun, that time it will be about 200 AU from the sun, then till date the earth What is the farthest thing from Voyager 1, which was sent by NASA in 1961, to get information about our solar system outside and by August 2014 Voyager 1 has been able to cover 139 AU, due to this, no physical evidence of 4 planets has been found so far. Right now only mathematical formulas and equations are present, but this equation claims to be the same, according to these equations, the most distant object seen till date was traced i.e. when their path was drawn, it was found that the normal path From al The c path is following, that is, they do not go around the sun in the way they should be and why it is so difficult to find out but if we believe that there are 4 planets then its motion can be easily traced. And 5 of those 13 objects are traced in the same way as they should be if there are 4 planets, which increases the possibility of having 4 planets even more so far, 4 planets of sun , sun is making an angle of 7 degrees and this is why it is one of the biggest mysteries in the astronomical world. In 18 Neptune was also discovered in the same way, no physical evidence was found before that too, that was also the first mathematical formulas. Was discovered in mercury.

the mysterious planet

The peculiar orbital motion of the Sun, because of the sun's rotation, claimed that there could be another planet between the sun and mercury, after which it was rejected and proved the strange motion of mercury from einstein's theory of relativity. Of the 13 most distant objects, 5 of which were traced physically, that is also not normal, and it may be that it is due to planet or some such theory that we humans are still unaware of. Hard to see The planet has no official name yet, because very little light reaches the planet from the sun, but as soon as someone finds it physically it means that someone gives an optical image like the physical presence of that planet. It will be placed on the same team or on those people. It is believed that this planet was not made in our solar system. Our sun has stolen it from another solar system. Any explosion in space means that many stars are formed simultaneously in a blast. And just like when the sun had formed, he had pulled his gravitational pull from that other star that came in his way, that planet has undergone a lot of violence of our solar system, it is still going to be interesting until our There is no evidence of Planet 4, but the telescope that is being made with today's technology, they can see so far in the future, how do you think this new plane About that discovered the scientists mentioned course in you what name you keep the comments clean.

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