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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

most dangerous and deadliest chemicals in the world

most dangerous and deadliest chemicals in the world

most dangerous and deadliest chemicals in the world
most dangerous and deadliest chemicals in the world
On a secret border in Germany, scientists were making a chemical whose name was Substance N The substance of this chemical had to be kept in a special box because it started boiling as soon as it came in contact with air, as soon as it came in contact with water, it would explode. It would have been and if someone had sung it, it would have died the same and if it fell on something, then there would have become dangerous Hydrochloric Acid, ie HCL, which would cause that thing to melt if the fire filled such substance in the bottle. Threw it So, he makes a blast and produces a temperature of around 2400 Celcius. The scientist's plan was that he would give weapons to the Germany Army and he would use it as a weapon, but after studying it for some time, he stopped this Substance N. Decided to do so because he had understood that it would not be so right to work with such hazardous materials, there was much more such substance who is very dangerous on the earth. The small amounts can also take the lives of thousands of people who will explore these substances in this topic today.
First, we will start with what was in that German bunker the name of Substance N was Chlorine Trifluoride. It is one of the most dangerous chemicals made by humans. Germans had plans that they would make 90 tons of Substance every month but they would only make 30 every month. Fluorinating agents, which can be made of tons, replaces hydrogen with fluorine, which produces a very large amount of energy, which is called fluorine fire. It is difficult to take America fluorine fire in a tanker in 1950 when there was a hole in its tank and from there the whole chemical fell on the ground, due to that chemical temperature started to rise slightly due to which the concrete The fire broke out in the road so much that it burnt down the soil by burning the concrete to several meters Chlorine Trifluoride.
It is still made today and is used by the semiconductor company which it does to clean its front.
most dangerous and deadliest chemicals in the world
 It is just as dangerous as its name. It is the most dangerous compound made by humans. This chemical comes in the most energetic materials, which we also call High Nitrogen ENERGETIC MATERIAL. A nitrogen atom when a bond is formed from a nitrogen atom. It is then that the most dangerous compound of the earth is formed, both nitrogen and electron form a bond among themselves, due to which a large amount of energy is released. It is very difficult to break this bond, making these bonds as much as the energy release. It is more energy than it is required to break down, so it is considered to be the most stable molecule of this earth. If you look at this, AZIDO AZIDE AZIDE i.e. these chemicals contain 18 nitrogen atoms that are in a high energy state. You want to stabilize yourself by release energy, that is why it is very reactive because whenever any chemical is in high energy state, it tries to release the energy to come to stable state and here it is 16 nights To find out its sensitivity, the German and the US scientist tried to experiment together but the experiment failed and further experiments were done, but not all the experiments could measure its sensitivity and finally the scientist said it Measuring its sensitivity is out of our capacity, even the smallest movement can detonate in it if we touch it or we put it in another solution.  leave it in a glass or bring it to the light and if they do anything, then it gets blasted.

3. DiMethyl Cadmium -

This is an organometallic compound in which carbon and metal atoms are attached. We have just written the topic which is blasted without any matter and this compound is also something that its blast does not make it dangerous but it's toxic. This makes it dangerous. It is the most toxic chemical in the world.
2. Thio Acetone-
 It does not blast nor spread any disease as we have just seen in all the compound, it is the world's smelliest
There is a compound, that means stink is compound.  It consists of sulfur and carbon, it smells so much if you can smell a drop for half a kilometer.
1. FluoroAntimonic ACID -  This acid is an acid that is made by humans, it is one of the most dangerous acids in the world. First of all, see if any molecule becomes acid itself, if any molecule releases it then it The more acidic this process is called protonation, if you are a student of science or have lived then you must have heard about sulphuric acid, but this acid is also stronger 100,000,000 times more than sulphuric compound. It is dangerous to store. It is very difficult to store it in any store, it melts anything. It is kept in a container made of Teflon.

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