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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

how will our earth end

how will our earth end

how will our earth end
how will our earth end Our earth is a beautiful world in which we live very comfortably, nature has given us such things in which the earth has made life worth living, now it will not sound good to hear but this beautiful world is sure to end one day? See here, there are two things in this world of puzzles i.e. how will the end of the earth and second how will we end up as human beings are both completely different questions as it may be the end of humans can be long before the end of the earth. Some people say that the earth and we humans will end by hitting an asteroid or a big black hole will swallow the earth.  Now you do not need to panic by reading this. Perhaps by the time these events happen, science will be so stubborn that it will either keep us safe or else we will be able to save from these incidents, but there is one event that is sure to happen even if you Is also low and if the Earth survived until this event will be the end of this event is going to happen that will end the earth Let us know
how will our earth end
  We all know that our sun means that the star runs on the same fuel, that is, it has its energy, then it will surely end one day and only then the sun will end and the earth will also end with the sun. So now we know how the end of any star is because our sun is also a star.


The energy of any star is produced by a process that we call NUCLEAR FUSION. Under the stars are hydrogen atoms and Hydrogen atom fuses to form helium atom and when helium atom is formed, heat is released with a large amount of energy, the same process gives energy to the sun and millions of stars, after which the helium atom also fuses itself. Together, they form carbon and such processes continue and new atoms are formed like neon, oxygen, and iron, when iron becomes atom after that fusion, does not make iron energy.

: what is a supernova

After which the iron starts to collect in the center of that star and that star remains stable until all the fuel is exhausted, when the star's fuel runs out, then gravity starts working and the reason for gravity With that star starts to shrink under its own, now you are wondering how it happens, Gravity pulls anything towards its center, you all will know that and the body is as big as the gravitate. It will put more force, our sun is so big that as soon as its fuel is exhausted, there will be no such force, which will help in making its size and gravity which will force it to shrink it's under. Its temperature will continue to rise and in the end, that star will collapse and due to high energy, that star will explode at the end, this phenomenon is called a supernova.

: red giant

It is 6.5 billion years old and our sun will be there for the next 500 billion years, but its temperature will continue to rise and its temperature will reach 200 billion degrees, you should know that any star ends due to supernova. Its mass is very high, about 10 or 15 times that of the sun, but our sun is not so big, that is why the sun will end due to some other reason not due to any supernova. It will end and become smaller, then its temperature will not be that much that it will burst due to supernova, it will start to expand which is our sun and it will turn into a red giant, this red giant will destroy the life of the Earth by its temperature.

400 billion years

After that, it will continue to grow for the next 400 billion years and its size will be 200 times more than the present size and by increasing it will become so big that it will start swallowing our solar system one by one such an event that we can not stop doing anything, I am not saying that by the time this incident happens, humans will be alive that humans will either perish or they will live on some other planet. Earth will end with this event, it is certain, but this time the sun is in its stable stage, that is, it is small and now its engine is 1000 billion years to finish, then live your life to the fullest and you Try something new from us.

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