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Sunday, September 8, 2019

how to survive nuclear attack

how to survive nuclear attack

how to survive nuclear attack

how to survive a nuclear attack: Science and technology have a very ancient bond between them, due to this, today knowledge and technology mentation of science, that is, today, we have created such a thing by humans, that a person could not even think of gravitational force, sun, and asteroid. Due to the collision of one day, this earth was born to us and gradually the conditions here were likely to remain in life and then humans were born ever since humans were born. Made the boundaries of our culture and living, which is going on till today and even after being so advanced today, a person wastes a lot of energy in creating and protecting his habit, that is, now this one thing It is a DEBATABLE topic to have clear or no boundaries, so different people may have different thinking and we should respect the thinking of everyone, so what are your ground boundaries i.e. what is thinking on the geographical border? comment below your opinion.

Due to this habit of man, a weapon has been prepared based on science and technology that is raising questions about the future of human beings. We are talking about the nuclear bomb, you have many videos about the history of the nuclear bomb. Or there will be articles or will be seen and in all those topics you will have got to know that during the second war of 1939, America dropped a nuclear bomb made of uranium in Hiroshima, this was the first time any country had Used against nuclear, but today in this topic it will be talked about if a nuclear bomb falls in your country or city, then  i.e. , but before that you need to know Explosion is how explosions and radioactivity work. Explosion means the release of energy and we know that the unit of energy is joules. If you want to increase the energy, you will need 4.2 joules of energy. We measure the energy of the nuclear bomb in tons of TNT, about 4 in 1 ton of TNT. There are 17 * 10 ^ 6 joules of energy and the one that fell in Hiroshima was about 15000 TNT power but still if compared to today's nuclear bomb, it was only a small sample in front of them. Janani was necessary so that you can get an idea of ​​the power of today's nuclear bomb,

how to survive a nuclear attack



Now let's talk about what will happen when a nuclear burst and how can you avoid it i.e. how to survive a nuclear attack And for the ears It is very dangerous, but the real danger for you will be that the heat and pressure wave coming out of that explosion, which will have 60% energy of the heat of the explosion, is the first stage of a nuclear explosion, about 10 meters from a 10 kg TONS TNT blast. There will be nothing left in the distance, so if there is a nuclear blast in your 400 meters or 1 kilometer, then it is almost impossible to save you, but if you are in the range of 1 to 1.50 kilometer, then there is also heat and pressure. wave The impact will also be greater, but if you find a building built in your basement or a bunker made of concrete, then your chances of survival It will be very much because this bunker can protect you from heat and pressure wave, this blast can last for about 15 seconds, then, in this case, you should hide under the table or something so that if the building falls, you can avoid it. The blast can also cause an earthquake for some time, so even if you are in a bunker, you will have to take great care.

:  2 STAGE

After this stage, you will be in danger. Neither method of radiation mimics alpha, beta and gamma rays. Radiations alpha and beta radiation cannot be crossed by anything solid, so if you are in a building or basement, you do not have much danger from alpha and beta radiation, but if you If outside, due to beta radiation, your skin which is not covered by the clothes can burn. The most dangerous of these radiations is gamma radiation, which can easily pass through any solid-state. amma rays can bring changes in your body, that is, these gamma rays can bring changes in your body's DNA, these gamma rays can cause cancer-like cells in your body, the effect of these radiation lasts for about 24 to 34 hours but still You should not go anywhere in the open space for 48 hours. With Radiation,

how to survive a nuclear attack


There will now be 3 stages of this blast, which is FALLOUT, that is, the rain of mud from the sky, this FALLOUT can fail about 5 to 10 kilometers. How much power was the nuclear blast, so you must stay in the basement so that you can avoid this fallout, now you should take all your clothes off and keep them sealed in a plastic bag, because of the radiation in your clothes. Effect and you will not want to attack from any safe place, you will have to take a bath first after getting off your clothes and remember that you do not put pressure on your body fast It has to be broken down because of these radioactive particles in your body can go into your body, you have to clean your hair and nails properly. By this time, the mobile towers around you will be all over, so the building you Please try to get radio there, always keep checking at every frequency because you can get help from it, you have been supposed for 3 to 4 days in that basement, now you thought in such a way that now No, it has been a long time since the explosion has passed, but it is not that due to that explosion there will be strong winds and storms and there will still be radioactive material in it, which is very much to harm you. I have to keep you locked in a bunker or building for 2 to 3 weeks if you know any place that is just 5 to 4 minutes away from you and you are absolutely sure After the blast, that place will be safe, then you leave in a week and move quickly to another building because the storm will not be over yet and the effect of radiation will be in the entire city even after being fully packed. If you have potassium iodide pills, you will have the effect of radiation due to which you may have hunger, vomiting or any radiation sickness, which is very much to remove the sickness of radiation. If you somehow remain alive for 2 to 3 weeks, now is the right time for you to get out, as soon as you come out, you have to remember in which direction the blast happened and you have to start walking in the opposite direction. It is expected that by then the government will reach you or you can reach a government camp where you will get full medical facilities and you will be able to survive this nuclear blast.

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