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Saturday, September 28, 2019

how to become humanity first trillionaire

how to become humanity first trillionaire

how to become humanity first trillionaire

How to become humanity first Trillionaire
Money is such a thing from which we can buy the materialistic things of this world i.e. to live a comfortable life. How to become humanity first Trillionaire If I am asking you who is the richest man in this world then perhaps even today some people will say bill gates but many people will know Today's richest man on earth is Jeff Bezos who is the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos has become the first billionaire in human history billionaire means the owner of $ 100 billion is now very difficult to break his record But these records can also be broken because the records are made only for breaking and today I am writing a topic about the same industry which if someone started, breaking the record of jeff Bezos, that human history The first trillionaire will become 1 trillion means $ 1000 billion or 10 times richer than Jeff Bezos The name of this industry is asteroid mining i.e. digging of astroid Yes its right understood till date we had heard about a different kind of mining on earth.

Due to which people remove minerals like things like iron, gold or silver, but as their amount is decreasing on the earth, the price is increasing even more, in such a way that they can get more from where they can get more quantity. She will earn industry profit. Now you will think that you will find such astroids where our space is full of an asteroid. Between Mars and Jupiter, there is an asteroid belt where millions of astroid are rotating in the shape of a ring.

The cost of all these asteroids is about 400 squad. trillion dollars Because of these, they are all rare materials that their quantity is decreasing on the earth such as gold, silver, and most important Platinium. Company planetary resources told in 2012 that if 30 to 60 meters of an asteroid is mined. So about $ 25 to 50 billion platinum can be extracted, according to them, platinum can be removed in just one platinum, as we have not extracted on earth till date, this will reduce the value of platinum and things like industrials and materials Cheap Area would become Because that which is made of platinum reduction remains the front made their comes much of the platinum in our smartphone

Used, which will make our smartphones also cheap, it is not just platinum, about which future space miner is thinking that by mining a big asteroid whose diameter is about 1 kilometer, we can extract 2 to 3 times as much iron-nickel ore. We have not removed it from the earth till date and even bigger asteroid-like 14 psyches can fulfill the demand of earth's iron-nickel and they can also supply raw materials for such astroid humans for the coming millions of years and whatever. I These industries will start work, its profit will be as much as no one would have thought, if you start this industry from your own then you will not have to go far for astroid because about 15,000 such asteroids have been found which is very much in our earth. It is near and we call them NEA ie near-earth astroids is the most valuable astroid of these. 18143 Ryugu.

It is about one kilometer wide and is worth about 43 billion dollars. It is worth only one asteroid. Price is equal to the total earnings of many companies, a space agency of Japan is trying to send a thing to it, it will bring a sample by December 2020 and this will happen when it is absolutely close to our Earth i.e. on 29th December 2020 According to calculations, after that, on June 3, 2025, if a company installed a mining machine during this time, then it can earn in billions and they will have enough money to do mining between their distant astroid belts i.e. mars and Jupiter. In this asteroid belts, there are about 61 such asteroids which are worth more than 100 trillion but it is not possible to do so now because going in space is very expensive, today is the most space agency, space X is about 90 million Launching space in dollars means a Sattelite but as technology is getting better in our generation today, moving into space is becoming even cheaper but still the problem is that we in astroids mining and how we will bring the minerals from there to the earth, an idea to do this is that by somehow putting an astroid pay force on it, bring it to the nearest orbit of the earth and

how to become humanity first trillionaire

And after that the robots and machines of that industries will go and do mining and bring the raw material from there to the earth from time to time, but bringing 1 kilometer of asteroids to the earth is not less of a threat because it also mistakenly takes its orbit After being attracted to the gravity of the earth, after hitting the earth, it can do deadly like nuclear bomb, but the shocking thing is that if you have the technology, you can do it, it is absolutely legal. According to the law made in 2015, any American citizen has the right to know the information about asteroids or their resources, if you can do so. If you put the machine on an asteroid, then the whole material will be yours, because of asteroids in future, we will not have shortage of raw materials and whatever human beings will do first of all, perhaps the same more initiative of the world trillion may become so in my mind maybe having the same person who is Elon Musk's Elon Musk became the first man to asteroid mining and to the world's first trillionaire can become.

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