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Saturday, September 21, 2019

how can we create matter from energy

how can we create matter from energy

how can we create matter from energy

how can we create matter from energy
In 1905, einstein also is known as the theory of E = mc2, in this formula, in this formula, E means energy M means mass and C means the speed of light. Have you ever looked at this equation, after all, this equation? Where is use, we use it to convert mass into energy and the best example of this equation is our nuclear bombs where a small mass released such a huge energy but we never thought to reverse it i.e. Creating mass using Is it possible that we can create matter by using only energy, then you will have to complete this blog and you will know how we will be able to create energy by matter.
We will need high power consent comparative energy to convert it to high concentration energy. Read what comes in your mind laser i.e. LIGHT AMPLIFICATION SIMULATED EMISSION RADIATION. Now if the laser is understood in very easy language There is an optical device that works on light i.e. optical amplification, that is, multiply the energy of light and concentrate it in a small area and we can use this highly concentrated energy according to our most powerful laser to date. The record is SULF i.e. SUPER ULTRA FAST LASER FACILITY ie it is China. In 2014 it generated 5.3 million billion watts or 5.3 petawatts of power which was the most powerful light bulb in history.

Generated for a short time The power is related to energy and time, power = energy/time According to this equation, there are two ways to increase power.

Firstly we can increase energy, the scientist cannot increase energy in very large quantity because that equipment light is amplified ie light To multiply, they are not able to increase the energy of light in such a large quantity, by doing this, we will also have to increase the size of that equipment.

The laser light of 1 petawatt was generated by increasing light, but the amplifier used for it was almost as big as 10 floors and another way to increase the power is to turn off that energy in a very short time. Up to 1 million billion was generated, in such a short time, the laser generates 500 times more power than all the electrical power it generates in the world and now the Chinese scientist wants to take it to a level and above By the end of the year, we are trying to make 10 petawatts and 100 petawatts of laser energy by 2023 and it will be named THE STATION OF EXTREME LIGHT ie SEL, so that we can get such temperature and pressure that any other way on earth. It is difficult to get from, but its real purpose will be to separate the electron from the empty space i.e. its vacuum,

which we also called breaking the vacuum, as I told you in the beginning that till today energy is made from mass but anytime an energy could not be created for the mass scientist said it will make all matter of a matter without a will means of generating something that from nothing we vacuum call it where nobody does matter but what is really quantum entanglement, vacuum has electrons and they always stay in the pair, that is, every electron has a positron, but when those electrons and positron are combined, they end up, hence it is called vacuum but 100 petawatts laser light.

Which will focus on only 3 micrometers, it will generate such magnetic and electric field in the vacuum which will keep the electrons and positrons separate and this laser light will generate so much vibration in electrons and positrons due to which gamma rays come out from under it. will start and these gamma rays will make even more electrons and positrons pairs which will be separated electrons for fear of laser and this process will continue to go on and this will convert the same reaction energy into matter, meaning we only use energy.

We will generate electrons from the vacuum, now only with laser light, we will not be able to make energy-matter.
In this experiment, many more things have to be taken care of, only after that, we can convert the energy based on einstein's e = mc2 If you can make it, then do you think China will be able to make this laser light by 2023?

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