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Friday, September 27, 2019

black hole

black hole

black hole
black hole Ever since humans have assumed consciousness, they enjoy doing one thing, that is, in knowing new things and from the very beginning, humans have been looking at the sky and have always wondered whether it is after the sky. After that, to find out about space, humans have discovered a lot of revolutionaries, due to which today we know so much about space, which is not only space but humans have also researched a lot by searching for things like a black hole. Today people have known the black hole only for heavy mass but in reality, it is much more than this and today we are writing an article on the topic to give such a surprise which is under the black hole, knowing that you will surely go to the square. So read this blog full.
1. Gravitational Singularity: 
According to physicists, Gravitational Singularity is in the center of the black hole. Gravitational Singularity is the point in the black hole where a lot of mass is gathered in a single concentrate, which causes its gravity infinity. And whenever this happens, we know that the relation of space and time is broken, according to physicists, Gravitational Singularity has been considered as a single point in any non-rotating i.e. non-rotating black hole and the same is rotation i.e. Roam Singularity in a black hole is like a ring. Until some time ago, it was believed that the black hole can never be finished, but a great scientist whose name you all must have heard, Stephen Hawking said that black hole also over time. Although they take millions of years to finish, with time they also end.
2. Nothing: 
Nothing, yes, you have understood nothing. It is also believed that if the singularity is not possible in the center of the black hole, then perhaps there is nothing. According to many scientists and mathematicians, singularity i.e. point of infinity is something that The theories of black hole prove very wrong Now among those who believe in the concept of singularity and those who do not believe it, there is a debate about whether infinity is something that is not possible to be physically our nature mathematician. And scientist infinity word Use where maths fail to explain a theory
For example, if we divide this thing by 0, then our mathematics cannot explain this theory, that's why we call it infinite or fir not define. There may be some real singularity in the center of the black hole as we believe it at least today. Let's say, mathematicians.

3. event horizon: 

It is a wrong fact of many people that black hole pulls anything under, in fact, it does gravity which works on any other body which has mass, the center of a black hole is so much mass. Any other gravitational pull is more on the body that wants to go under the black hole and that is why it starts attracting towards it whenever a body is attracted to its center because of the pull of the black hole. He passed through such a point It is such that the gravitational pull is so much that the light does not come back from there and we call that point event horizon Now you are wondering what to take between light and gravity, then I will explain you clear light. It behaves in two ways, one particle nature ie like a particle and the other wave nature i.e. like a wave and light attracts towards its particle nature i.e. anybody towards gravity when we are crossing the event horizon. I could not see him crossing Angel. Because he is unable to reach there light until we feel like we have to get access not light body disappeared suddenly.
4. spaghettification: 
This is the word that is used when a physicist when a body goes into a black hole. If you go into a black hole, then you also have to go through the event horizon and in such a situation you will become a part of the process which is called spaghettification got its name because in this process your body starts to stretch because it is because the gravitational pull will have more effect on your body and less effect in your head even if the distance of your head and feet is not too far. Whenever the higher the gravity, this attraction force works like this and due to this, your body will start to stretch from the side and the body of the left side of the right side will start compressing and due to this process. You will look like a noodle.
5. firewall: 
This is not your computer networked firewall, but the concept is the same. According to new theories, under the black hole, there is such a thing that we call firewall. Until the concept of the firewall was revealed, more level physicists thought it. The rule cannot break black hole physics, it says that information can never be destroyed, that is, the word that you just said has gone into the information atmosphere and now it cannot be destroyed if somehow Machine made With which we can restore this information, then you will recover your said things from the atmosphere, now according to this rule, if the information has gone into the black hole, then even if it does not come back, it will be present in the black hole. Can't communicate outside but some people say that when the black hole finishes with time then the information of its underdog starts to get out but it was not possible for the theoretical physicist that they had it There was no evidence when the concept of this firewall came out. Whenever an information event passes through the horizon, it collides with a large energy wall, which spoils that information, after which it becomes difficult to recover and this wall We say today firewall.

6. origin of gravity: 

You all would know that gravity is a force which attracts two such bodies which have mass but the gravitational force is not as strong as the rest of the forces and no one knows why this is the answer but the answer is black The hole may be under the scientist says that the gravitational force is so weak because it is not made from our three space dimension in which the gravity we live in is coming from another dimension and it is believed that this force is in another dimension. S It is getting a little leak due to which it is such a weak force, but under any black hole where space is not normal, you can experience a different dimension maybe from where gravity has come. Stephen Hawking gave a theory In which he had told that we can make a small black hole and can find out if there is any gravity in it.

7. Gravastar: 

As I told you that there is either singularity or nothing in the center of the black hole but there are other alternative theories that the black hole is actually a gravastar. Gravastar is an imaginary structure that explodes a star After that it remains behind, but in space-time, it becomes like a bubble, it becomes like a bubble black hole is a strange bubble and the biggest reason to believe these theories is that there is no proof or proof for the behavior of a black hole. The explanation is not required as much as a singularity proof.

8. wormholes: 

 black hole
According to physics, there is a way in the center of the black hole that opens into another vision from our universe, this path is called the wormhole. The theory of the hole was first laid out by the Ludwig Flamm, in front of everyone, he gave a solution of einstein's theory of relativity, that under the black hole can be like a white hole, after this einstein himself worked on it and told that The white hole can be part of a bridge that connects any part of the black hole under the universe to the einstein. The concept given by einstein has been named Einstein Rosen bridge because of it you move from one universe to another universe. You can Hollywood in this thing od must have seen many times in films, according to einstein's equation, this bridge exists but no evidence has been found so far.

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