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Sunday, September 22, 2019

artificial intelligence danger to humanity

artificial intelligence danger to humanity

artificial intelligence danger to humanity

artificial intelligence danger to humanity When we hear these words of artificial intelligence i.e. robot intelligence, we start imagining the future, we start thinking how this AI i.e. this artificial intelligence will make human work easier in future, but some big scientists and researchers believe that Artificial intelligence can also cause big problems for humans, before knowing how artificial intelligence can be a threat to us all, we know

what is artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence danger to humanity

Words are made up of artificial i.e. man-made and intelligence i.e. man-made intelligence which has the decision of thinking like human beings i.e. decision making and problem-solving ability i.e. the art of solving a problem, we call such system artificial intelligence. We are making it for use in machines so that it can make our life easier and in such a place where human life can be threatened, there we can use this artificial intelligence will be able to use a machine that has an AI system, that machine will start to compress things by itself, the program that is given to common machines can do just that, but such a machine which will have artificial intelligence system will do the work given in the program We will do it but other things will be successful in compressing and repairing it. Suppose you have taken a new phone and some of its functions are not understood and you have accidentally deleted a file. If you press this option, then it is learned that if you press that option, then the file gets deleted, then next time you will do that work. Of course not. In the same way, this machine can also be new with experienced and keeps improving itself. Now some people associate artificial intelligence with machine learning. Machine learning is a part of AI i.e. artificial intelligence but both of them are completely different from each other. In machine learning, a machine which is designed to do only specific work. He that As soon as I do it, it will continue to improve and the more it will do that work, the more experienced it will be, the better it will become and one day it will become expert in it if you believe that your mobile camera has to learn that dog. If you identify him, you will first show him the picture of many dogs and he will make a pattern of it through his algorithm, after which if any dog ​​comes in front of him which he has ever If he sees it, he will recognize that it is a dog, but as soon as a cat comes in front of him, he will be confused because he was told about dogs only. We use machine learning to do such specific tasks. And artificial intelligence will be intelligent in every field and will be able to improve the information of every field and improve it. Now suppose that you have to use this camera in a self-driving car. If you use machine learning, then it will only recognize dogs but if other animals or humans or any other obstacle comes in front of them, then they will not recognize it and will not be able to decide whether to brake or not, but if we If you use artificial intelligence in it, then not only dogs but everything else experiences will recognize other animals like other animals or things like electric poses and will avoid an accident by taking another expanse. If you have taught a machine to play football, if that machine is based on machine learning, then if you are using it for cricket If he gives a bet, he will not know what he will do with this bat, but if that machine is BASED on AI i.e. on artificial intelligence, then he will try how he will cricket with this bet. Can play and maybe he can become an expert in cricket in a few days. Two groups have been formed in the world about artificial intelligence. First, those who do not support AI i.e. the artificial intelligence i.e. according to them, artificial intelligence for humans. People like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and bill gate consider artificial intelligence as a threat and some people who see it as a future, a company like Facebook and Google see it as a better future if they come. By now reading this entire blog, you must have understood very well how the artificial intelligence itself teaches everything, according to some researchers, when those machines themselves will start to work and start thinking, then obviously it is for the future We will also think well and we will be the biggest danger for them, because we can stop them as computer programs whenever we want, so after being so smart, won't they deceive humans So that those machines can never be shut down and they can do whatever they want. The most advanced artificial intelligence machine or robot SOPHIA today when asked if it will finish humans, she said yes she will finish humans however Anchor took it as a joke but it seems very much a matter of thinking that if these machines can be thought of which will be called, according to which we humans are creating artificial intelligence such as self-driving cars and cars. If a machine like Bob does not want us to take control of humans so that we cannot switch on or switch off whenever we want, but there is still a lot of time to do this, in the coming 50 years, we will create such machines which are completely artificial intelligence. Will be based on it and will be able to take all the decisions for his betterment and will learn new things with experiences.

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