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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Stephen hawking

Stephen hawking

Stephen hawking

Stephen-hawking I do not rate death but I am not in a hurry to die because I have to do a lot in life before I die. I had to say, Stephen Hawking, a great cosmologist, but on March 14, 2014, the world learned a lot and made everyone happy At the age of 6, he left all of us and went away. His life was very interesting, he saw many ups and downs and we had a lot to learn from his life. You will get to know a lot about him in the Hollywood movie THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING made above him in 2016. If you have not seen that film, then I would recommend that you definitely watch him Stephen hawking born during the second world war. January was born on 1942 in oxford city, England It is a matter of coincidence that the great scientist Galileo Galilei was born to him at the time of his birth and Albert einstein was born in the death of his death i.e. 14 march It happened that Stephen hawking parents lived in the highgate city of London, but due to the world war, bombs kept falling and there was too much violence there so he came to Oxford to give birth to Stephen hawking. Despite his scholarship, his father was studying medicine and mother politics at the University of Oxford, and like his mother, Stephen hawking was very smart in his childhood as well as his problem-solving ability was different from everyone else, that's why his friends and relatives used to call him as einstein. Stephen Hawking did his schooling in the highgate city of London. Since childhood, he was very much interested in math but his father gave him a doctor. Due to not taking mathematics, he started his studies with physics, at the age of 18, he found his studies very easy in the first 14 months of undergraduate. Because of which he used to get very bored, his physics teacher had so much time that you could just tell Stephen hawking that this could happen then he would show himself doing that thing without seeing how the others had done it. Going forward, according to the advice of an Indian scientist Jayant Narlikar, he selected cosmology i.e. cosmology, keeping in mind his favorite subject mathematics, to get first-class degree from University of After that, he started thinking about further studies, one day while coming down the steps of his house, suddenly when he fell unconscious Stephen hawking suddenly he ignored him thinking of some weakness, but when he happened to check it again and again. When added, it was found out that he has a never-ending disease called motor neuron disease, in this disease, slowly the human brain ends contact with the nerves connecting the organs to his body. If it is understood in easy language, then your brain leaves the control from the veins, after which they could not move their body even if they wanted, gradually the condition of Stephen hawking became such that they could not even walk on their own due to that. Much had gone into depression, later on, his body's right sight stopped working and then the left sight stopped working. When he started his guide, then our body in that physical physic community The two theories about the birth of Verses were the much-debated violence of big bang theory and steady-state theory. His interest in this topic grew and in 1975 he published a book where he explained the concept of the universe through the concept of singularity. He completed a degree in general relativity and cosmology after completing mathematics and theoretical, and later he became a great scientist and in the year 1973 named THE LARGE SCALE STRUCTURE OF SPACE-TIME.

Stephane hawking

In 1943, he started teaching quantum gravity quantum mechanics and introduced very new theories in that Stephen hawking who was the scientist he first gave the concept of black hole and also he  was also said that time travel means that time travel is possible, but in spite of modern equipment such machines cannot be made so that time travel can be done. Motion and Hocking Energy also explained many important concepts in the world. His book A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME rocked the world of science in the past few years. It also warned of many unknown things like increasing pollution and greenhouse gases. Due to this, the atmosphere of the earth will become like venus, where there will be a temperature of 250 degrees and hot winds will run for about 3000 kilometers at a speed in the next 200 to 500 years. Stephen Hawking will find a planet and will stay there, he said that people from other worlds will be completely advance from humans, they also said that artificial intelligence can destroy humans from earth and make them home to machines and many more There are many things on which Stephane hawking Stephen hawking had expressed concern, today we have lost a great scientist, but his work and his theories gave us humans to understand the universe and other worlds. Give power will help Lord his soul peace if you got to learn a little bit more than the story of Stephen Hawking Do not forget to share this blog.

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