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Thursday, August 8, 2019

what happens after death

what happens after death

what happens after death
what happens after death This is one of the most interesting questions in the world, we can increase our lifespan by eating green vegetables and exercising, but cannot be immortal. Talking about today's technology, then in the end, someone has to be killed. He has to be killed.

So what happens after death

What happens after death.

I am not talking about the physical body,   the physical body is finally found in the soil, the question is that "in" this body that you say "in" ie where is our soul. It is called consciousness. So the question is, do you feel your being even after you die or do you become completely zero, do an experiment once you think how it will feel after you die, you will feel that you cannot think it You are and you cannot think of not being yourself, because not having any means also has to be something to experience someone, who is experienced not to be mean, even after you die, you feel yourself. Tax You will find that there are 6,200 religions in this whole world and everyone has different beliefs about what happens after death but in reality, the only one to prove what happens after death is not talking about any religion and that is dead people.

What happens after death.: NDE=near-death experience

Many people in the world claim that they are alive even after death, it is real, you will not believe it and we call it NDE in modern language i.e. near-death experience you also heard about such an event at some time or the other. This will be especially in the village of India, but if we see the population of the world as an all, very few people of the whole population have experienced it, different people from those who have done this Different experience e does not do the same, those people say that they go into another world and do some strange experiences and then come back to their body.

So after all that they do experience, this is what the world wants to know, do they do experience which is beyond the world.

What happens after death.: mysterious

In 2011, a person was undergoing surgery but that surgery failed and the doctors said that the person had died meaning that the doctor declared the person to be death but after a few minutes the activity started automatically in the monitor and the doctors gave him He managed to save the few minutes that he was not in his body, then his breath stopped, then he had done some experience, he told some such that he said that empathy news means nothing. Asus were mean are they float they did not feel it but it was just they were able to feel your presence. And another case is that college students fell due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Neighbors called an ambulance but when the ambulance was taking her to the hospital, she died while you call it a miracle or something else but after three minutes she senses Came and he What the boy had done in 3 minutes, the boy told that he had said that he had left his body and he was seeing his own body in that ambulance, yes he had seen his own body, meaning his soul came out of his body. boy was looking at his own body, it seems strange to hear this, but is that the boy who had expensed it was his soul or was there any illusion of the mind to test this thing? He was in the balance. He asked the boy to do the test, what the doctors had done during those 3 minutes in that ambulance. The boy recalled each word and at what point the ambulance was moving during those 3 minutes.

What happens after death. : the experience of darkness

Remember this means what he was saying was true that millions of people have done such experience and in a different case, everyone does their experience, it is never the same. Researchers put those experiences together. It is known that the most common experience is that the experience of a tunnel means that they feel that they are passing through a cave and many people have an out-of-body experience in which they see their body from a distance. The guy with that ambulance had experienced that after the death, the experience that those people have said is very strange, meaning you might think that she must have seen someone in a living state. That is beyond that, so those people are not able to define correctly because it is very difficult to describe what happens at that time, in every day, it is experienced in the line that separates life and death more than people. Out of body is an experience about which you all came to know, but many people have the experience of darkness, that is, nothingness in that darkness, they do not feel anything means that there is a world for them but they are themselves. After all, they are also present themselves after that, meaning that whatever feeling is there, at that time you can touch the time, those people who have experienced this near-death experience He can see the time, that means he can see time as a physical object, it must have seemed very strange, but the truth is that this strange experience is far from our real world.

What happens after death. : EMPTY, VOID, SPACE, NOTHING.

The experience that the ambulance boy did and the experience who did that surgery, he said these things like EMPTY, VOID, SPACE, NOTHING.

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