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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

next big thing in information technology

next big thing in information technology

next big thing in information technology

next big thing in information technology: 

Technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for Innovation including the improvement, upkeep, and utilization of PC frameworks, programming, and systems for the preparing and dissemination of data.IT use in the age of based man-made intelligence the processing and distribution of data.IT use in the generation of based AI.

1. Pocket sky: It is said that we humans benefit greatly from sunlight and we get energy from that too. Vitamin D but if we stand in the sun all day, then black can also be darker than gorilla so if you want eye light then you Wear a gadget  like this, the sub-blue light coming out of it will fill your energy with energy throughout the day, which will also increase your performance and why a person has to work very hard to increase performance. The natural way to increase your performance by using this technology, such as this glasses, if you put in only 20 minutes, then it will make a lot of difference and at the same time, after applying it, you will get a lot of sleep, its battery will last for 2 weeks. And you can take it anywhere in your pocket. It will be very good.

2. wavering:

 listening to music,, playing a guitar is a fact that a person starts liking music but this music is made before you listen, which takes a lot of hard work to make You have to hold the entire instrument properly, but if you are wearing this wavering, then you will not have to hold any instrument because it is connected with all the hi-tech music system. Programming is such that you do movements with your hands this music people get this kind of instrument is started to get the music automatically if you are fond of music do the will be very good.

3. link flip shoes:

 There is no one part of this shoe, it is a complete shoe, now you must have felt how we can walk after wearing it, after wearing this, this shoe automatically tight your legs, due to which you can walk easily. It is also in a completely comforting manner and your feet will feel very open with the help of this, so there is no liking of the smell of the feet, so you will get rid of its unique decorating. So far different from shoes and it's stylish will match any of your clothes and you can wear it comfortably, this is part of the

:4. Drumi: 

To wash clothes, people have to work very hard on their hands, but after that the washing machine came and they have been washing their clothes with the help of heavy machine, but now you leave your hands and use foot and To clean the clothes, in this machine you can put your multiple clothes in a small cover and without any electricity, you can clean your clothes at a good speed with the help of your perch, whether it is a hi-tech machine or a wash Ng machine is equivalent to a small part of it is portable and you can easily go about it any 

:5. Cellrobot: 

Robots whose designs we have seen before but we are made more in the shape of humans, but the design of this robot is completely different from how different parts of the machine are different. Part can be different from its body, it is like gumming and this ball-like robot is controlled by your smartphone. 

 Nobody can stop your hard work and your body can stop you. If you are unfit or you have a problem in your nose, then your body has to work very hard during the day and sweat a lot. It troubles us like our nose  Lacking proper oxygen in their blood, body, and brains. But if you apply this gadget to your nose, then your nose problem will be corrected.

:7. orphe smart footwear: 
Wearing shoes in the foot , you are better off going to DJ that you bring light to your  foot, it burns fun light with shoes and it is not in one color, in many colors you can light it You can access it with a smartphone,

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