What is SEO?

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION If you have a youtube channel and you are not getting views or any website that you have created, the visitor does not visit your website, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) helps you increase your visiter for. Example: Now suppose you opened the youtube channel or you have developed the website. Now you post a video on youtube or post an article blog on the website. Now you will expand it in the world, how will the world rank on the internet? So there are 3 ways to do it.

1. You will be posting on your Facebook page that you will see my video or watch the video in the WhatsApp group or visit the website. This is the first way to get 100 or 200 viewers from this, you will not get much.

2. Add the additional section of your website to the add-in section of Facebook. You will run ads or add some special keywords on Google or add a link to your website or video so that you can get views now. It will cost a lot of money, small starter websites or small youtube will not be able to afford it all

3. In organic search you can take millions of hits that are free too example: Suppose you have to search something on the internet, what will you do first you will go to or there is also another search engine. Go and type the keyword.

(The keyword that you search in the Google bar speaks to the keyword). So assume that you have searched the free group SMS Google's responsibility. You can list any number of websites on it. how to optimize this search engine of SEO, so that the website we created is the topmost income in those results so that in the whole world they search for a specific keyword. More traffic income on our website

Now suppose that you have created a website, now you will tell Google who has this website on top of this particular thing, above this particular category, Google has made a product by doing all this, which is named Google webmaster if you have a website then tell Google We can tell through the Google Webmaster tool and the website which is ranked in Google is not meant for that, there is more competitive in the world who want to rank all this Google Google webmaster for him to tell you also have a website it would have the tools to submit to Google

All these search results are from the help of Google's algorithm and this is the secret algorithm, which is Google's SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. If we talk about Google, how many conditions do we optimize our site? So how to SEO in the world, a company will say 10 or 15 thousand will SEO on this keyword and rank it on Google, all this is a business which is giving 10 or 20 thousand for what you want The You are free to do all the things you can do how SEO works You can sit at home or through SEO youtube or a free website .

Now there are also parts of SEO White Hat SEO and black hat SEO


1. White hat SEO

White hat SEO happens that we will not do anything that all responsibility belongs to Google because it has submitted its own website to Google. Now Google will use its algorithm to rank when that website is to be ranked.

2. Black hat SEO

The black hat SEO happens that we are firing Google, it casts its coding and forces its algorithm.

What is the local SEO?


About 46% of Google's search is with local intent. Google's algorithm is used in what a user wants to search for. With the help of an algorithm.
This is the location-based query that searches around the user are being searched local SEO becomes very important to increase your business. If SERP is ranked in the rank then it is on the targeting keyword, which is what the local user is searching for, Google selects those targeting keywords that want to rank the keyword that Normal is ranked, the website is exactly what this local SEO Is different from

Local SERPs

If you search for local SEO then the map shows the first thing in it: suppose example: If you search on Google at the online shop near, then it shows you the results that local user has searched for. the map shows now that we see the 3 business shop under the map, we talk about local pack or 3-pack

Now the main goal of Google is to show the results by fully satisfying the user, if the user is searching with the local intent, then he does not come to the result of that particular blog, which results in the best results website that is all Google my business Comes from Google, which is Google's product

How do I access my Google business page?

Introduction to google my business: Google my business is a free tool that Google does not make money from the results you show in local SEO. These are all free local SEO which is an available profile in the Google business page.

 The Google business page which is the free service when the User creates an account, Google goes into that profile to update the contents, when the local SEO searches the user, when the user clicks on it, the location shows in it and the address is also displayed. All Google updates the user's profile, from which the location of the business is known.

Local SEO expert

We are displaying the user directly in local SEO, there is never add a show, which is added pop-up in the normal website. Local intent only is the SERPs show which is local SEO, so when the user searches or If you want to know then basically, with the help of a local SEO expert, they show results to them. It is not so in local SERPs that add is extracting users to push marketing.

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