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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Facts About Meditation Benefits

Facts About Meditation Benefits

Facts About Meditation Benefits


Meditation is a word that everyone knows but there are only a few people but you do not know much about the people, what is the power of Meditation, you do not even know that you can change your life by meditation subconscious mind To increase the power, meditation works like a tool for you, which is the connection of the subconscious mind and conscious mind, the meditation makes it much stronger, you can feel the reality as you like, meditation from many years. Studies have been studied above and it has been learned from studies that meditation affects every part of your life. Meditation changes your brain not only psychological but also physically means that it changes the size of your brain. This effect is scientifically proven in 2011 by a research at Harvard University that just 8 weeks of meditation, the size of your brain starts to physically change and the bad part of your brain is shrinking and it is a good part that you The confidence, which is linked to the positive life, gives it bigger things to your brain's left hemisphere learning ability. This means if this part of your brain is healthy then you can easily understand anything if you think so. It is that you are afraid of understanding in the understanding. Then you start meditation and in a few days your understanding will increase the strength Meditation gives your brain the power to control your thinking, thinking in your mind the opposite thoughts It is not that which is not of any work but you are not able to control it even if you want it. You should do meditation, because if the power to control your thinking increases, then your mind will get the same thoughts that are of your own work. Focus and concentration will increase and you will be able to do every work efficiently. The violence of the name TEMPORO-PARIETAL JUNCTION will control your emotion. If you do meditation, then meditation increases your good part. TEMPORO-PARIETAL JUNCTION controls your emotions. Part of an amygdala name in the brain is repetitive for your underrate, anxiety, and stress. If you do meditation, then your brain's amygdala's volume reduces the rate, anxiety, and stress is very low. It removes the bad emotions of your underwear. If you do meditation for a few weeks, then you have a lot of rate, anxiety, and stress, but you also see a positive effect. If you are overweight, you mean obesity. It is sure to search in the rennet, but meditation also helps in decreasing your weight. This reduces the metabolism of your body. If you do meditation for 5 minutes in the day, it does 70% of your stress, so many people Using artificial to eliminate stress, people should be aware of meditation, more than that, people do not know the benefits of meditation even if meditation eliminates stress in 5 minutes. Free What is the use of spending money in artificial ways? Meditation also removes your bad habits, which we call DORSOLATERAL PREFRONTAL CORTEX. This part is Responsible for your power. Many studies have found that meditation enhances you to like Meditation improves your health with all those benefits. Your heart diseases c-reactive protein which is a disease of the heart, meditation reduces it.


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