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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

does ghost really happen

does ghost really happen

does ghost really happen

does ghost really happen You must have heard stories of ghosts of ghosts, but what ghost really happens whenever you are in the dark at night, do you think that someone is watching you today in a scientific way you are writing a blog that ghost Whether it happens or not, is it real or is it the brain of our brains?


what is the ghost?

First, we talk about those people who believe in ghosts i.e. paranormal investigator, according to them,  Ghost means the dead person's energy which remains in this world even after the physical body is finished and that present is a body The shape shadow looks like those people who believe in the ghosts, according to those people, the ghost is the soul of those people whose key desire is not fulfilled even after their death, their wish remains incomplete and due to this They are completely restless and do not get freedom till their desire is not fulfilled, they are often seen in places which are related, like a house or a poisonous place, sometimes it goes under a person's underwear. There have been millions of incidents in which we hear in the news that some ghost killed any person Many ghost movies have been created in Hollywood, but many of them are for entertainment and come on many true events. As the EXORCIST, which was released in 1973, was out in the movie and the conjuring 2013. If you are fond of seeing horror movies then you must have seen these movies in the conjuring film which is finally the position.

It was based on a true phenomenon, it shows us that no soul can fall under anybody's soul, not only in humans but in spirit also the soul can go. The paranormal investigator also believes that they should go under  You may have seen Annabelle Doll in the conjuring movie and this doll is still locked in a locked room and it is one of the most dangerous things in the world, it is believed to be one of the world's haunted ghosts. Another validation is that if a soul has to talk to you then he can talk only in front of you. According to the paranormal investigator, the ghost has no knowledge of time, but has he ever thought that the events of the soul Why often it happens at night, why is it seen in the night, its answer is not that the movie's seen like it is too much for the night to become scary. It is in the film but paranormal investigator in real-world Accordingly, they come in the night at night, because there is more peace at that time and electromagnetic waves are also reduced. According to the investigator, ghosts have to be kept to keep their energy, and it is often heard that electromagnetic devices Disturb their energy and in the daytime it is more disturbance, but at night it is less and because of this, ghosts come in the night only if it is in accordance with this spirituality then the ghosts But according to this science does not believe the ghost of science, it is far from science. Some people believe that Albert Einstein has already given the explanation of ghost when he said that ENERGY NEVER DISAPPEARS FROM THE UNIVERSE means Energy does not say much to this brahman Many people believe that from this point we find that after death someone's soul remains in the universe, science and the rule of THERMODYNAMIC also tells us that Energy can not be destroyed or can be erased. Energy can change only one, from one forum to another. Energy, matter, mass keeps constant. It never changes. It means if someone dies then he does not die physically. Meditation on the Word is physically audited. His body only changes from one forum to another. It just changes your appearance. Even after dying from our body, the body becomes dead, if anybody of a dead person has anybody If it is suppressed in the forest, it will be found in the soil of the decompose and the same tree will be formed afterward and the animal will eat the animal and they will get energy. I mean that your body does not leave this earth except that It is said about your physical body but the soul is said as it is said to me that the most important of the science is that energy can not be created nor destroyed. If this thing is right then it means never a soul. The body will die and the body will decompose and all the nutrients will be found in the soil of the earth, but the soul that lives is always alive but in this, you confirm that it is a theory, there is no proof of it.

Have you heard of near-death experience

A near-death experience is one of the most awkward things for a person; Many people in this world say that they have returned to life even after death and especially in India there are thousands of such cases, according to them that after death It looks like a strange light and then it comes back to its body. It is like coming back to the dead, we call it a near-death experience. Many people have claimed to see an angel in the near-death experience.

DUNCAN was a scientist named MACDOUGALL. He had experimented with a great amount of weight. He had a patient before he died and even after his death, when he saw the result, he noticed the difference of 21 grams, and after a few seconds, Weight is reduced by 21 grams, it shows that the weight of the soul is 21 grams, but the people thought that the theory is not correct, but the strange thing is that as many times the bodyweight of the patient was seen, all 21 grams The person would have been less and because of this it is also known as the 21 theory . The theory shows the truth and it also proves that after the death the soul weighs 21 grams

Which is about the near-death experience. Now what are the people of the science world who do not believe in souls

They say that before any person has brain activity, the frequency is very high and due to which the people are frustrated because they think they have seen the light and that is probably near-death experience. Believe it but what is the truth and no one is a liar.

Now you come to feel the feeling in which you feel you are looking at which you believe in ghosts, you will surely feel like it at the time of the night that someone is watching you in the scientific term, it is called psychic staring effect if you talk about Haunted Houses So why does it happen that the sensation of weird things starts happening in the house whenever a person goes under the age of paranormal investigators, whenever a person dies with a bad emotional experience, then his soul is the thing of the house, so come The haunted the place on the visit will take you a very odd little emotional will be as if the soul of pain feeling you're experienced.

Now the ghost arrives at sightings

The people of this world claim that they have seen the ghost, which is published daily on the Internet on the internet, more than it is thrown more than enough, humans are posted to disperse but we are not wrong on ouija board to Suppose ouija board is a tool that can talk to the soul, if you wish, you can buy an ouija board yourself and ask questions of souls but in case you are recommended for it

I do not think that the cookie can be quite dangerous.

So conclusion, if we do not believe in the theory of science, the soul is there, but science does not believe in all these, according to them, this is the brain of the brain and their theory can not prove scientifically but paranormal investigator believes that it really happens and Because of this, all this has to happen in the world in which the soul goes under the yoke.

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