When it comes to blogger or website, the greatest thing comes in Seo's (search engine optimization) SEO which helps in ranking the highest backlinks.

What is backlink?

Any link from your blog is redirected to another's website by clicking on the link. It is also a type of buskin, or another link to your blog is lying on the other website, then if someone clicks on that link then that user will use your blog When it comes, it is called backlinks

Types of backlinks

1.Dofollow links
2.Nofollow links

What is link juice?

If your article is linked to any blog and your link is that it passes the links of SEO to juice, then after following anyone link, it comes to your website, so one of them increases your visitors. And secondly, this is what happens to your domain that you have created a blog that makes the person's authority better, so when it comes to backlinks, the word that comes first is the link juice.

Types of links

1.low-quality link
2.high-quality link

low-quality link:

                                low-quality link is what is meant by a spam website that is a bad website, which is an incorrect website example: porn website, gambling, which means that the website which is free, there is no value in Google's search engine. If someone clicks your link and comes to your blog then this is a lower quality link

high-quality link:

                                  High-quality link is when a website which is very popular or very old, has a domain authority, or a popular website that is coming from your website after following a link in Google's search engine. So it's called high-quality link

What is the quality of backlinks?

quality of backlinks is that the blog you have is relayed from fashion if the link you have done with link is taken from someone's website i.e. if there is a visitor to your blog or website from your blog So this will not be the quality of backlinks as the quality which is the high quality if someone has a blog of yours fashion and the other visitors who are coming to another website should also be railed.  should mean is that it is a quality of backlinks.

What is Backlinks ?

What are the internal links?

 Internal links are those whenever we are writing an article and if any related topic is related to the relates to you and article related to Facebook, then you also put those four articles in this article, i.e. all of the articles in each other Linked to this, the user who reads that article goes into another type of  website, so the internal linking that helps you get the best ranking in Google. Yes

Types of backlinks

1.Dofollow links
2.Nofollow links

Dofollow links

                              Do-follow links which should be very important on your blog should do the do-follow links which are the way to access the website from one website to another, and its links help in passing it

example: So when I mentioned that the link to another website in the article also gives the pulse what happens now as if I was writing an article on Facebook and in the middle of it I talked of WhatsApp, which used to make a link in Wikipedia's link. Whenever I click on my blog, if there is a word, then the user will be redirected to that Wikipedia I mean that we have given do-follow links to that Wikipedia. Anyone gives you a popular website do-follow link which will work a lot, the website that is very popular when you are reading that article, visitors will click on a word and they will be redirected to your blog. These are do-follow links. Very helpful in the ranking.

Nofollow links

Nofollow links that are whenever a visitor comes to your blog, but it will not have any ranking in its search engine, which means that there is no follow the link, it does not have any value in SEO, but the do-follow link is very useful in the search engine.

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