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Backlinks Marketing in the modern age can be quite tricky if you’re not familiar with the way search engines work. As a small business owner, you may not have the resources (human and financial) to do what other more established businesses are doing to drive traffic to their businesses.

All is not lost for you.

One of the major ways you can improve your visibility on the internet is by building backlinks to your website.

What are Backlinks (And 3 Reasons You Need Them)

Backlinks are simply links from other websites pointing to your website. In order for your website to rank well on search engines like Google, you’ll need to collect as many backlinks as you can. But more than that, you need to collect quality backlinks.

So why are backlinks so important?

1. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Every business needs traffic in order to sell its goods or services. And backlinks are a great way to direct traffic to your website from the website linking to yours. This is where the quality of the backlink really comes to play. In order to drive more traffic to your website, you need to get backlinks from websites frequented by your ideal customers.

2. Increase Your Own Domain Authority

Another great reason to build backlinks is that they contribute to increasing your domain authority. Domain authority (DA) is a measure of how well your website ranks on search engine results pages. The higher your DA, the more likely your site will rank high on search results, leading to more traffic to your website.

3. Increase Your Page Ranking

While DA is a measure of the entire website’s authority, page ranking refers to the positioning of a particular page on your website. This metric is especially important if that particular page helps you market and sell your goods/products.

Now that we’ve established why you should be serious with your link building efforts, let’s take a look at 6 simple ways you can build those backlinks.

6 Simple Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Business

One reason many people shy away from building backlinks is that it’s quite a time-consuming (and oftentimes laborious) process. However, the results are well worth it. If you’re just starting out (or running on a shoestring budget) here are a few easy ways you can build quality backlinks.

1. Create Amazing Link-worthy Content

Content is the currency of the internet. For this reason, your first step in creating quality backlinks is to create amazing link-worthy content.

So how do you create such unicorn content?

Write in a conversational tone. Many businesses make the mistake of writing content for their customers. Don’t fall for that trap. Instead, write as if you’re talking to a friend. In other words, create content that has a conversational and friendly tone.
Provide real value. People are busy. The only way you can get them to regularly read your content is by consistently providing valuable content. Of course, when other publishers discover that you are a resource, they will start linking to your content.
Use the “Skyscraper Technique”. The Skyscraper technique is a content creation strategy invented by the renowned SEO expert, Brian Dean of Backlinko. Simply put, the Skyscraper technique entails creating quality content that “towers” above all the other content published on your particular topic. While it may take time and effort, it’s a great way to ensure that your content is link-worthy.

2. Have a Guest Posting Strategy

Guest posting is an amazing way to build links (and relationships).

So what is guest posting?

Guest posting simply means writing content that you publish on other sites that are not your own. The 2 main benefits of guest posting are traffic and that much-coveted backlink.

In order to pull off an effective guest posting strategy, make sure to:

Guest post on relevant sites
Create your best content
Add value to your hosts’ website
If you haven’t started publishing content on other blogs, now is the best time to do so.

3. Comment on Other Blogs

Blog commenting was once a rave link-building technique until people started abusing the technique. Today, commenting with a link back to your website won’t get you any “link juice”. However, it still has a relevant role to play in your SEO strategy. Here are 3 reasons why:

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Helps build relationships with webmasters and readers
Show your authority
Drive traffic and generate leads
While blog commenting won’t get you a direct backlink, it does serve as a platform to help you do so.

4. Leverage Social Media

Many marketers and SEO “gurus” dismiss social media backlinks as pointless for the reason that they are “no-follow” links. However, social signals do play an important role when it comes to ranking well on search engines.

Here’s how you can optimize for social sharing:

Connect your website to your social media accounts. Social media profiles have a provision for you to add your website to your profile. Doing so allows your followers to easily visit your website.
Include your website (or article) link in the comments. Whenever it’s relevant, link to your website/articles when commenting on social media.
Include share buttons on your website. Make it easy for readers to share your articles by including easy to find share buttons on your website.
Social media is a great way to get your content going viral. Not only will this help with brand exposure, but it will also increase the chances of it attracting backlinks. Every method that can earn you a single backlink is important and definitely worth the little extra effort.

5. Linkless Backlinks

There’s a new type of “backlink” that search engines are using to determine the value of a website – linkless backlinks. These are also called linkless mentions or brand mentions.

A linkless backlink is a mention of your brand or website anywhere on the internet. Anytime your brand is mentioned, link or no link, Google notices and uses that as a trust signal.

So how do you get those linkless backlinks?


Create a buzz by writing (or doing) something worth talking about.

To do this, you have to know your audience and create content that touches their pain points or inspires them. You can even get a solid backlink by emailing the author and asking them for a link.

6. List Your Business in Business Directories

Listing your business in a business directory is a simple yet powerful way of building backlinks. Just imagine the number of business directories online that can point back to your website. Business directories are untapped backlink mines you should immediately start tapping.

Some business directories you can immediately start with include:

You should also look for niche-specific directories as these not only provide relevant backlinks, but they help you generate more business as well.

Backlinks – Go Get ’Em

There you have it. A beginner’s guide to link building. These methods are easy, but they require a bit of time to execute. But that will be time well spent.

So go ahead and get yourself some quality backlinks.

Backlinks can come in a wide variety of forms and styles, and different companies will swear by certain techniques or methods as the most effective way of acquiring them. However, there’s one particular type of backlink that’s started to gain some traction in the SEO world: ‘niche edits’, the idea of editing new backlinks into existing articles to benefit from the authority and power they already have. But are they better than normal backlinks placed in new content, or do they have some flaws you’ll need to watch out for?


In most cases, a niche edit will be more powerful than a regular backlink would be under the same site and context. This is primarily because the page has been around for a while since it’s had time to get established and (if you pick the right article) might even be linked to by other major websites. It’s also far more time-efficient since you don’t need to write a new piece of content (with some exceptions, which you’ll see later).

However, they still suffer from the same issues as regular backlinks if done poorly. Irrelevant topics, a bad link profile on the host site or a range of other problems can all have an impact on the power and effectiveness of the niche edit, and it’s very easy to make the same mistakes that you would with regular paid or promoted content.


One of the questionable areas surrounding niche edits is how moral they actually are, and what kind of consequences they can have if they’re done poorly. Good niche edits will be fine with full consent of both parties, usually as part of an extension or upgrade to the previously-made content, but there are also some companies that inject links into old pages or snipe expired website domains before the owners can reclaim them.

The further you get into illegally gathering niche edits, the more likely it is that search engines will find out and heavily penalize you, and you might even get into major legal trouble. Even if morality isn’t a huge problem for you and you’re happy to buy placements rather than getting them naturally, the sites that host these articles might have their own requirements or standards for the kinds of promotions they take on.


It’s also much easier to get hold of a link than a new piece of content, especially on large sites. Even if you’re offering money in exchange, not every site will want to host a guest post or promotional piece, especially if it goes against their quality standards or doesn’t really fit in with the purpose of their site. It’s much faster and more convenient for a host site to change around a link on an old content piece instead, especially if you’re offering something that fits with the content’s theme and could benefit their readers.

The fact that you’re getting more power than a regular article, combined with the simplicity of changing or adding a link, makes them one of the fastest ways to secure a good backlink. However, Google is well aware of how popular the technique is, and they’ve been working on adjusting how their search engine responds to it. For marketing companies such as Searcharoo niche-specific edits are quite easy to pull off, but it’s easy for individuals or small teams to make mistakes while handling a lot of different articles and links.


Niche edits are very similar to standard backlinks in terms of how they’re actually put together, but there’s a much higher chance of failure thanks to the added risks. Google (and other search engine platforms) will notice if a site suddenly has some of its links change overnight, so it’s extremely important to make it look as legitimate as possible. In most cases, you can do this by including the link in a new paragraph or portion of text added into the existing article, or by replacing a link to a dead site.

Google, in particular, is known for having a lot of rules with how content can be created, and they’ll notice if a link seems to change without any major updated or alterations to the rest of the article. They’ll often penalize not only the site the link is going to but sometimes the host site itself if the change isn’t substantial enough to be considered a proper update to the page. Timing also makes a difference, since rapid changes to multiple pieces of content (all linking to the same site) might draw some unwanted attention from search engine quality checks.

When it comes to bloggers or websites, the greatest thing comes in Seo's (search engine optimization) SEO which helps in ranking the highest backlinks.

: What is backlink?

Any link from your blog is redirected to another's website by clicking on the link. It is also a type of buskin, or another link to your blog is lying on the other website, then if someone clicks on that link then that user will use your blog When it comes, it is called backlinks

: Types of backlinks

1.Dofollow  Backlinks links
2.Nofollow  Backlinks links

: What is link juice?

If your article is linked to any blog and your link is that it passes the links of SEO to juice, then after following anyone link, it comes to your website, so one of them increases your visitors. And secondly, this is what happens to your domain that you have created a blog that makes the person's authority better, so when it comes to backlinks, the word that comes first is the link juice.

: Types of links

1.low-quality link
2.high-quality link

: low-quality link:

                                low-quality link is what is meant by a spam website that is a bad website, which is an incorrect website example: porn website, gambling, which means that the free website, there is no value in Google's search engine. If someone clicks your link and comes to your blog then this is a lower quality link.

: high-quality link:

                                  A high-quality link is when a website that is very popular or very old, has a domain authority, or a popular website that is coming from your website after following a link in Google's search engine. So it's called a high-quality link.

: What is the quality of backlinks?

quality of backlinks is that the blog you have is relayed from fashion if the link you have done with link is taken from someone's website i.e. if there is a visitor to your blog or website from your blog So this will not be the quality of backlinks as the quality which is the high quality if someone has a blog of yours fashion and the other visitors who are coming to another website should also be railed.  should mean is that it is a quality of backlinks.

What is Backlinks ?

: What are the internal links?

 Backlinks  Internal links are those whenever we are writing an article and if any related topic is related to the relates to you and article related to Facebook, then you also put those four articles in this article, i.e. all of the articles in each other Linked to this, the user who reads that article goes into another type of  website, so the internal linking that helps you get the best ranking in Google. Yes

: Types of backlinks

1.Dofollow links
2.Nofollow links

: Dofollow links

                              Do-follow links which should be very important on your blog should do the do-follow links which are the way to access the website from one website to another, and its links help in passing it

example: So when I mentioned that the link to another website in the article also gives the pulse what happens now as if I was writing an article on Facebook and in the middle of it I talked of WhatsApp, which used to make a link in Wikipedia's link. Whenever I click on my blog, if there is a word, then the user will be redirected to that Wikipedia I mean that we have given do-follow links to that Wikipedia. Anyone gives you a popular website do-follow link which will work a lot, the website that is very popular when you are reading that article, visitors will click on a word and they will be redirected to your blog. These are do-follow links. Very helpful in the ranking.

: Nofollow links

Nofollow links that are whenever a visitor comes to your blog, but it will not have any ranking in its search engine, which means that there is no follow the link, it does not have any value in SEO, but the do-follow link is very useful in the search engine.


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