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Thursday, June 20, 2019

worlds most amazing world records

worlds most amazing world records

worlds most amazing world records The world record is one of the most important parts of the general knowledge of the world

In today you are going to tell about the world's 7 most world records so let's explore...


worlds most amazing world records

               SULTAN KOSEN Their height 251 cm i.e. 8thE FEET 2.8 INCHES Our body has a gland under which we call the pituitary gland; it releases a hormone which we call 'HGH' HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE and this body competition Is responsible for your height, Muscle is a disorder for this person, which we call 'PITUITARY GIGANTISM' and when it happens to someone, then Pitutary Gland produces over 'growth hormone' and this leads to that particular Human organs grow legs, or become larger than the bone extent And in the case of sultan, this was the case of Sultan's growth till the age of 10, but after the high rise which began to grow, he never ceased to join the university of verjiniya 'usa' in 2010, he got surajari and pitutary Doctors succeeded in preventing that over-growth of the gland, otherwise the height of their sultan has also kept a record of the largest hands and the length of their hand is 28.5 cm i.e. the lump part '11 inches' and their biggest feet records They are also named after them 36.4 cm ie '1 feet 2INCHES' Sultan is still alive but if we talk about history, the world's tallest PERSON - ROBERT WADLOW  has its height '8 feet 11 INCHES' when it was 13 years' 7 Feet and 4 INCHES 'and increasing their height stopped at' 8 feet 11 INCHES 'but then they were DEATH at the age of 22.


worlds most amazing world records

CHANDRA BAHADUR DANGI was living in Nepal at FEBRUARY, 2012 when he was 72 years old, then the GENIOUS WORLD RECORD team went to Nepal and took a miscellaneous examination in a medical center and it came to know that his age was 72 years but he was also aware HEIGHT - 1 foot 9 INCHES and their weight was only 14.5 KG, after which they took the name SMALLEST MAN EVER of GENIOUS WORLD RECORD when they were born, then their GROWTH was stopped by their UNKNOWN medical condition. Doctors also do not have this explanation A. They GROWTH Could have had so little why.


MICHEL LOTITO  It was such a person who could eat anything from anything I meant to have anything and hence had their name for this MICHEL LOTITO
The whole life was filled with iron, steel, rubber, wood and neat food, and the stomach was digested for all these things. They have said in several interviews that when they were 16 years old They have eaten everything and to date, they have no problem, their stomach can diet anything. They have conjugated thousands of kilos of iron and steel in their entire life. They can also speak SUPERHUMAN, they can live LIVE SHOWS, have eaten things from when they did a very good record when they ate PLANE.


worlds most amazing world records
Gary TURNER  skin is one of the world's most STRETCHIEST skin, their skin is so LUCKY that they can touch their face by lifting their throat skin, they can stretch their stomach skin up to 6 inches, they have a disorder Due to which we call EHLERS-DANLOS SYNDROME, these disorders affect the connectivity of the leather and in these cases it is very low and due to which they can stretch their skin far away. They also said that their pain is not at all nor there is no stretch mask.


 MELVIN BOOTHE and their nails have a length of 32 feet. It is not that they can not bite the nails. Their nails are the same as other natural people. They kept nails to break the world record. They did not have the problem as usual, but they did not have any problem with GENIOUS WORLD RECORD They have got a female counterpart too. LEE REDMOND They too had the dream of getting a world record like MELVIN, so they thought in 1979 that they could get this world record. When he was 38 years old, he extended his nail to 2008, and in 2008, he had recorded the longest female FINGERNAILS and in 2009 he became an accident and he lost his nails and lost his 30 years of hard work. But he said that he will not increase his nail for the next 30 years. BECAUSE He is 76 years old and may not survive until that time.


worlds most amazing world records

WIM HOF is also called ICEMAN and they can also undergo colder temperatures than this extent, in 2010 they had recorded ICE ENDURANCE when they kept their body in ice for 1 hour and 44 minutes in 2011, Break the records themselves when they break records of ice sitting in 1 HOUR AND 52 MINUTES AND 42 SECONDS, they said that they can keep their body in control by breathing EXERCISES and meditation. Interpretation is it no one can if you pronounce PRACTISE the breathing technique correctly.

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