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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

top enigmatic facts

 top enigmatic facts

top enigmatic facts


 top enigmatic facts there is a lot of things in this world that you have not seen so far that you are unaware of. There are many such aspects, events, records, funny things and interesting facts (you do not know why you are telling some interesting facts in this post for you.) I can not say with certainty. With these interesting facts and amazing facts, we can learn something new that we do not know about which we can learn some funny and funny things. top enigmatic facts

 top enigmatic facts

1. The number of bacteria in a person's mouth can be as high as the whole world.

2. Today, 77 people out of every 100 people are addicted to drugs!

3. 79% of people keep thinking about their past time while sleeping at night.

4. There is so much iron in a person's body that can make an inch of the nail.

5. If there was no moon, then one day would be just 6 or 12 hours and in 1 year it would be 135-1500 days instead of 365.

6. The world's first camera was built in 1894, which took 7 hours 56 minutes to capture the photo.

7. You will not believe but some people in the US never bothered in their life. They are making all the records.

8. Mark Zuckerberg made a site called Facemash before Facebook, which was changed to Facebook.

9. There are 60 seconds in a minute, but every minute is 2 minutes in which it is 61-61 seconds.

10. The strange thing is that the weight of people on earth is the same as that of the ants.

11. When we lie, our nose gets hot.

12. James Cook was the only scientist who invented America.

14. Every man can see only the time in the dream which has passed.

15.Employers working in the Egyptian pyramid pay 4 to 5 liters of beer.

16. Squirrels are only 9 years old and dogs are 29 years old.

17. Most 77 billionaires live in London.

18. We can not be any human who can not lick his elbows

19. The heart of man throws in 72 minutes in a minute, while the heart of a lizard strikes 1000 times in 1 minute.

20. There are many such (cats, owls, bats, leopards) animals that can look as clean as the day at night.

21. Human body bones increase for 35 years.

22. If we calculate, then every 100 people have blue eyes of 2 people.

23. In Italy, people wear red underwear for a new year.

24.No one can hide the eyes without the eyes.

25. About 100 bats simultaneously drink about 25 disks in one year.

26.The blood in our body dose approximately 19,314 kilometers in just one day

27. The length of all the nerves in our body is 75 kilometers.

28. Our heart dies 3.5 million times every year.
29. Every person is consumed about 36 tons of food throughout his life.
30. Tattari is a bird that does not sit on the tree ever.
31. Elephants have never been able to dress.
32. On a human body 1 million skin rashes in 1 day. Whose weight goes up to 2 kg in 1 year.
33. Before the earthquake comes, the animals and birds are known.
34. The smell comes from the roasted animals.
35. Overall, our speed is 160 km per hour.
36. By 1994 the signs of prevention were yellow, but now it is red to stop.
37. You can draw a 35-mile long streak from your pencil.
38. The highest bone of our body is in the sap.
39. The color of Coca-Cola is green, but it is blackened by mixing food color in it.

40. In English words, the meaning of "set" is most likely to come out.
41. The American population spoils their half-life by watching TV.
42. Albert Einstein's scientist never used sock in his life.
43. The first watch was made in 1904 AD to find the time.

44. Of the 10 people who die from lightning, 8 are male.
45. Human beings have a sympathetic nose but you will not believe that a snake is in sync with its tongue.
46. Giraffe's tongue is 18 inches long.
47. The only owl is a weird bird that can rotate around its neck.

48. The umbrella is constantly eating, if he does not get food for 2 or 3 hours then he will die.
49. Do you know the real meaning of "karate" without having to do the weapon?
50. Today, cheesed petrol is the most purchased and banned.

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