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Friday, June 28, 2019

chemistry of addiction

chemistry of addiction

chemistry of addiction
chemistry of addiction In this world, any human wants to experience life much, there are many correct ways to experience life and many wrong methods, if you do not tell anyone the right way then obese you will find a shortcut, a person who goes to the bar and one The second person who goes to the temple every day, the purpose of both of them is actually the same. They both are justifying the same thing. Experience life more if you or someone else cigarette Makes a forest or consume alcohol or is a habit of group, then he does for the first one kick, but he gets only for a long time, but that method is wrong why it is wrong, that means if you eat the gutka And I'm feeling very fond for 10 minutes, so it's a good thing, do not look at the fact that the Universe runs for the balance because everybody lives in balance, then after 10 minutes of drinking the drink, the ecstasy bliss Will stay and The  10 minutes will make your life slow for 10 days because when you get drunk then you will have a stress relief that will have withdrawal symptoms in your body, which means that you will not feel good because your 10 minutes of fun Have done your 10-day fun in your same duration. It means only in 10 minutes. Out of balance, the next day you will consume it again and do it in 10 minutes Physical effects will also occur with mental effects to be more effective for the purpose of taking a drink. Intoxicants, you want to take life ahead by enhancing it but it takes your life back and it is a factor, nowadays almost every person makes intoxicants If you do not take intoxicants then you are saying that you are very lucky but if you do then you do not have to logically do it. It needs to be heartily thinking, if you have to add to drugs then do the addiction to success, do not Take intoxicants of love, intoxication of love, do to talk with people, do not make connections, make intoxicants, do not keep fit, nor do you yourself, because all this is the kind of addiction when you do the world Complains and when you have fun, it will be millions more than alcohol or group. If you understand scientifically, it is probably your life that is the cause of addiction, chemicals or brain chemistry. There is a lot of chemistry in your chemistry, so many chemists are in your mind like chemistry, so many chemists like you have seen in the world of endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine outside you may have seen large chemicals factory but you probably do not know the world The largest chemical in your brain is 
When you meet someone with a hug or you get some hands or touch another human being, then the chemical release is called oxytocin. Breakfast is also is oxytocin release in Friendship in mind bonding to oxytocin chemical that would be with you if you then do like someone you would from AM for her to complete all these chemical oxytocin do feel.
Remember that movement when someone has praised you for something good about you in front of everyone. You are happy with the underwear that happens only with serotonin
when you exercise or do any physical activity Then you feel good, then endorphin is released at that time because you are doing what your body is doing.
This is the same chemical when you are intoxicated when you drink then dopamine chemical release and it is also released at the time of love but the fact is that science has proved that endorphin, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin with dopamine at the time of love all these chemicals become release together when you are in love Then why did I tell you as many chemicals as I told you, what is happening with me, what is going on with me, you have to do something differently, or some other chemicals need to be taken in the right direction, that dopamine does not make you intoxication
Meet with success Do something like this if humanity is 90% of chemicals, then you want to be 10% free if this addiction continues to grow then neither of us is the quality which is the rating of 90 in today's generation, what will be the next generation Due to addiction, it will go down in 40's rating. Quality of thinking will be reduced. is a trap and nothing is like a trap which gives you experience for a while but gives hell to live if you give life to the fullest Live If you want, you will have to give up the addiction, people who add to the drug do not live full life, all this happens with dopamine chemicals. The more materialistic you live, your pride and ego will be less than you have the chance of getting happiness. You must have seen this, people who addicted, they say anything that they can not say in real life. This is because of all the false beliefs, if you do not show the confidence of the drug, then you are the realities of life. Have to Be green.

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