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Thursday, May 2, 2019

top facts about world

top facts about world

top facts about world

top facts about world 1.

top facts about world In 2008, a person from Japan reported that when he used to wake up in the morning, he used to see his food disappearing like he used to cook food in the fridge in the night and then he would disappear in the morning, not just one day but every day. When she was alone in the house then how could it be possible that she had only one gate, she was completely locked from inside. To investigate this, she set up the camera in place in her room. It is known in what was recorded and it came to know that a 68-year-old woman lived in a cell under her kitchen. when she was doing this work, she told her mouth that she was from 1 year, In the same way, he had only to survive only because he had to live only because he used to cook food only and he used to sit in the same room throughout the day.

2. Sugar Ray Robinson, which was a major fighter, was going to battle in that evening at an enclosed challenge for savagery an enormous challenge. On the same day, he refused in the morning and why he went to them for the fight, then he said that he had a dream on the last night that with whom he was fighting boxing, he had killed him in the wrong way, he had killed him in the wrong way, he was the last night in dream But his friend said that the boxed dream does not really come true and the dream is being taken so seriously that he ignores the dream and will go for the fight and you will not be able to believe that because of his strong punch his opponent really die.

3. United States of America zombies research society MAY has declared zombie awareness in the month This is aroused to those who are ready to be zombies.

4. In 1961, due to their car accent that triggered the cartoons of bugs bunny, a lot of Serious went into coma and did not wake up in the coma for a long time, and the people felt that they would not come back from coma but were weird The thing was that when the doctors asked the characters in the name of cartoons instead of strange names, they were only responding to the coma only, then only when they were called by the names of bugs bunny Security was luckily 3 weeks later they were further out of coma.

5 The most railway track in this world which is absolutely a to z without any interruption is that it is a non-stop railway track in the world from Portugal to vegan, which means 17,000 km rail line means you will be sitting in the wallets and If you get into Portugal then you will take 12 days.

6. It is a condition that is called MATH ANXIETY and it probably will be for a lot of students. Math anxiety does not mean that you are weak in mathematics but rather that you believe that in math, your belief leads to bad performance in the math Do you start.

7. The sun is much bigger than the moon, but both skies look the same size in the sky because it is a very coincident Mohjud here. The moon is 400 * smaller than the sun but the position of the sun 400 is far too, so both of the same size look.

8. An Instant Perfect Corid placed a condition as intelligent as it is said to them that any of you make a ring which has kept me crying in times of sadness and pain in the time of mourning, The ring that was written in that ring was THIS TOO SHALL PASS The time will also pass the time. These factors do not understand people. Look at the time, because of the time, we remain happy and suffer.

9. Workers of  Amazon walk 18 km in a stadium, they process an order every 33 seconds.

10. Stalingrad. The city was renamed Stalingrad after Joseph Stalin. This was authoritative to perceive the city and Stalin's job with all due respect against the Whites somewhere in the range of 1918 and 1920. In 1931, the German settlement-province Old Sarepta (established in 1765) turned into an area of Stalingrad. Joseph was the name of Stalin and it was one of the most strict and powerful people in the world, people with him were so scared that it is not worth to tell what happened in one morning that their effects became worse and in nearby guard Nobody called doctors to anyone, even after 10 hours, no doctor was called, and this led to his death.

11.  The name of Rogelio Landaverde Kidnap was taken from his house to his wife, wearing a worm mask in front of him, and after two days he came back to his house and there was no injury to him and He told his wife that he did not remember what happened, a big mysterious case is going on. Hey, it's not like this here Twist is that they were fake in Kidnapper's Actually, the gun was also fake, it was kidnappers and None were friends Rogelio and it was all drama made so that they went out to party with your friends.

12. Crusty robots going to Mars, when they completed a full year, on Mars, then celebrating their birthday after playing under their system under the Happy Birthday song.

13. 56 years old you youzhen who works in cleansing the street in the streets of billionaires and also does it with 12,000 rupees per month because it wants to prove to his children that any work bigger than Not even after having thousands of crores she works like this so that she can set a good example.

14. In the United States,  in 1997, there was a TV channel called the puppy channel and videos of the dog playing in that channel was played 24 hours, there was no programmable display in it, only the video of puppies was shown in it.

15. Human body weight is just 2% of the weight, i.e. weight of 100kg is just a brain of 2kg and this small brain uses 20% of the energy in the whole body.

16. Sahara desert is now in temporary state 15,000 years from today, it will be transformed into a desert jungle, this scientist has discovered.

17. There is a rule in Thailand's Bangkok University. It is a rule. According to this rule, children who have exams need to wear helmets named anti-cheating. These are made of paper helmets that cannot be asked by the children next to this rule.

18. A village in the Netherland in which there is no road, only a stream of water and this village does not have pollution.

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