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Sunday, April 7, 2019




IN THIS WORLD OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY THERE ARE STILL SOMETHING WHICH IS THE BEYOND SCIENCE In the world filled with smartphones and computer science, there are many things in this world that still do not have any scientific explanation i.e. today cannot explain modern science. In all the mysterious things, I tell you all these things today, the people who live in technology today, these things are beyond technology, so let's explore ...




September 8, 1980

A ship named DERBYSHIRE, with 150,000 million tonnes of iron was moving towards its destination, because it was two times the largest and most reputed ship from Titanic, people under the ship could not even dream that in this powerful ship They may be something but after one day on September 9, 1980, the DERBYSHIRE ship disappeared from the sea due to a mysterious reason. At that time it was the largest ship of Britannia, nobody could understand, how it all disappeared, After being a member of the ridge, even a ship which could not have thought that it would ever happen to it, finally it was said that the area which is being seen by Japan is the thing you are talking about in the image THE MYSTERIOUS OCEAN  AREA, you may feel like talking about Bermuda triangle here, in the Bermuda Triangle, then the ship and aeroplane disappear only then everyone knows about this area in which I am talking about very little Only People know that the name of this area is the dragon triangle in this mysterious area thousands of ships and airplanes have disappeared, seeing the disappearance of the event, everyone thought that after going to this place, it should be research that what the hell is going on here And because of this, a government ship of Japan was also sent to tell more about this area, to check how the ship finally disappears and called the research team from some places. More than 100

 The scientist was called, which was an expert in all these paranormal things, the sheep went with complete preparation and then never came back to the right and said that no one has gone to know that the researcher team also disappeared from there. After Government also did not send this Sheep to any vessel in this field, if you read about this place in Wikipedia, then you will see this paragraph, and THAT THIS SHIP TOO VANISHED; AND FINALLY THAT THE AREA WAS OFFICIALLY DECLARED A DANGER ZONE meanwhile, this place was officially declared this place as a danger zone, which is not just a matter of understanding of the scientists or the scientists, instead of satellite and the map was researched from that place, it came to know that it was absolutely Bermuda Triangle Like a triangle, but it is just the beginning. The most strange thing is that it is in the aligned position in front of the equator. These are both triangles. You can see it in the image. This is in this side of Japan and it is on that side of the world. Is this an unexplainable one and it is also believed that there is no connection between these two places, that it can not be used without any power and every time the planes disappear You can not even say it ineffective. Once the event is two times, if the event is three times, there are thousands or so many times here on the incident, something is going wrong, swallowing the advancing research of Japan's government , then you can think of how dangerous it is to be so many people of many such incidents also felt that many people thought that they were just nonsense and some ships dared to go there who had the courage, they never returned back but here What is there that is such a phenomenon here? There are many things that came up in front of the people who have come to understand that why it is so why the ships disappear after all the Japanese The group of the group says that under the sea there are many unknown sources Is still, there are paranormal things which these ships are missing, they have to say that here dragons are Is still who swallow ships next listen to them. It seems weird but when such incidents happen then we need to think beyond science. The second group believes that the ships in the second dimension under this sea It takes this portal to tunnel theory in Bermuda Triangle also, Theories believes that these portals take ships and airplanes into another world, in contrast to a parrel universe, which is connected to the other world. It is also very strange to hear but you should understand that the ships still disappear in today's modern times, so far its solutions or any synthetic exposure Not only this, when all these events started happening in 1987, many groups searched for where the planes and ships were missing, what would be under the sea at the same point, whenever anyone went to do research, they would lose and no When a couple of people did not come back, then a group of two people came back and research the car; two  went under the sea under the understudy, after all, they are here, but they are in the ocean area. Does not have, but where these Dragon Triangle Start fear the research along its meaning began his final few clues around Border and found unclaimed and see something that means around this mystery that is below the image in the

There are such stooges in this that can not be made by themselves at all. Under the sea, there are such structures. It is something that you see in the image above, they do not have any shape, that means they are Random They are shaped but they are those that they have made and those who have discovered it, after testing it, they have discovered that it is made of somebody coming to your mind. First of all, anyone should have made it to you for this information, let me tell you that as much as you have seen in Japan, all of them are seen by Ancient History, but it is not worth living. No one knows who made it. This dragon triangle has reached this border where it started If there is such a monument there, then after all what the car tells us it will be, how can it be, but these pilgrims and these ships will not have any So the connection is for an instant Imagine that you have gone to this place, do you know what you will see, according to the experience of the people and according to those reports, your compass will stop working at this place and whatever electrical The equipment that will stop working will be a power-driven device and there is a huge connection to that area. After going there, the sudden change of weather will start to rise and the people will start getting up. They have said that they have some strange things in the sky. Thousands of people have reported that the ships are submerged due to the WorldPay, but in this world, such extraordinary voices are found that in many reports it was also said. It is found that they are seen in ghost ships, such ships that do not see any crew or any other person, only you tell me how this can be possible by these ghost ships.

When they pass through the place from where this area starts, along with these weird things there is a strange thing, according to many reports on this place, ships here experience time dilation. Time dilation means an example Let's think that you have gone several times and you told your father that in half an hour you come and watch the watch, half an hour later you came out at 8 o'clock and at 8:30 you earn you then you are at your house when you come home income The ripe father is saying that enough 7 days have passed and you are coming to Abbe. This means that such an incident of Bermuda Triangle and Dragon Triangle, this time dilation has also happened, according to the report, it is believed that if one person is touching the border then Even if there is a time, the time is not included for them. The reports of such incidents are very low and they have experienced that this time dilation is not a real-time thing. If a person passes in front of the black hole in front of an interstitial, then the time slows down for that means that if you went into space for 7 days and after hitting the front of the black hole, when you return to Earth, So 7 days have passed, but when you look back you will have to wait 7 years, time dilation is a thing in the world of science which is also in the real world and it is scientifically proven. It is not a strange thing that there is such a phenomenon on this place that there is water on the surface of the entire area on earth, but on this whole earth, the world is on the verge. The final question is that a black hole effect is a place in this place. And this is the reason that it connects the Parallel World and says that the strange tunnels on this place are also engaging, which swallows all things Bermuda Triangle and Dragon Triangle These two The world is one of those places in the world where science has not even been able to know what ultimately it is there that such a secret really forces us to think in science, which tells you in the story Japanese government sent the ship There was no one who dares to go back to this place, so that the same diminution could not be said again. If there is any research in the future, then I will update for more information...



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