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Sunday, April 14, 2019




The power of hearing, the power to feeling, the power to smelling and the ability to taste. That is the 5 senses which connects you to this world but does you have more than 5 senses? A lot of researchers have been done in this world, it has been revealed to the scientists that these 6 sense really happen. Your brain is a phenomenon, under which many neurons are fascinated, as the stars are in our universe, whenever these 5 senses If you use any one of the senses then whatever is under your brain, you will probably not even have an angle. Each neuron sends signals to other neurons and one There is an infinite network. Science has just begun to see what your brain's neurons can do as long as science does not understand the mind completely, then 6 sense is not blind to us You can speak as it is just the beginning of Science as much as the people believe that this sixth sense is scientifically possible, it must have certainly done the experiments when There is something worse with the cooker, then you start feeling something strange before it starts to change your twist. It seems that your future app and now the person wants to tell you that you are going to be with your conscious mind that he sees what you are seeing as you are aware now or not, but all of this is happening due to your conscious mind. Your attention is in this blog but you have all the other things. A blog Look around your screen except for the screen. Once you have all these things, but when you look at the blog or article screen you see carefully, then you do not know the things that are near you. Your focus is one place but the most interesting thing is that when your focus is also in one place, then your condensation is known to the dull, therefore, what about things that mean that you are a bit awkward or not in your subconscious dim He lives and he knows everything and before he gets worse, he tells you that he does not even talk about a bad feeling, nor he should send your subconscious dull to your conscious dim, that is the one who comes to you, who is 6 sense Actually powered by your conscious mind. He gives that power only to your conscious mind, seeing the future, seeing someone, understand that he is a man. It is all your 6 sense. When you see someone's face when you first see someone You note this Do it in the first sight that you understand how he is a human, in that sense everything is not talking about the myth, but your subconscious retains a hint and you are probably given a hint, and your love, at first sight, will also make you less subconscious. Send a glimpse of your 6th sense of your conscious dim, ROGER NELSON, which is a researcher, put 30 years of his life in this experiment, he created a device called RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR i.e. In the moment, any random number will show any number, but the most strange thing is that when a person focuses on the machine sitting in front of him, then he will not become as random as that which means that the person thinks close to The number is displayed on the screen, this is a supplement of the power of the border when the subconscious mind is one.


When she works with you, she will go to the chowk more and more, she has ever thought of how the duo, the blessings, how she works, during the film Kuli, when Amitabh Bachan was hurt, Then millions of people around the world had started focusing on this matter that if Amitabh Bachchan was cured, then scientifically, the same thing happened in the random number generator when there were so many people When Thought meets together, it has a very strong effect. You must have seen the birds flying in line together. Have you ever wondered how they fly in such a perfect whole when all of them are thinking together It is only then that magic happens? It has happened, the power of the subconscious mind now comes. That Strange Feeling on that 6 sense of the assumption that you are getting a book sitting in the park, if your eyesight and attention Even on both books, even if you have been staring then you start feeling weird feeling you know that someone is watching me. This means your thoughts are not just you are under due. It also emerges in the form of a wave which the person is seeing you, the wave that comes out of your brain indicates to you and you know that he is seeing you so that if a person lies It is being said that if he knows that he is lying in that if that drama is doing it as if he is telling the truth then the people will know that he is lying, because he is lying in this Thought, this is the idea that it comes out of the person's mind and hits the mind of the people in subconscious mind and they know that bro, I am feeling that this bandh is lying, all of this is your wave. The reason is that it means all 6 sense of This is the sense that you have already done DEAN RADIN, which is a senior scientist of the Institute of Noctual Sciences, he has researched well in the future. He once started reading a participant's brain wave. They showed lots of photos on the computers in front of them, some photos were normal, and the graph shown in an emotional first normal picture is normal, after that the emotional picture Now the graph is full enough, again the normal picture was shown again, then on graph Normal do you understand that this is the miracle emotional picture. Just a few seconds before the mind is understood in a mysterious way that a bad picture is coming. All your sixth sense and all of this comes from the subconscious mind, so if you have any such groups, you should definitely rely on it as it is the sixth sense ......


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