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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

This world is computer

This world is computer

This world is a computer

 This world is computer  is genuine that when you initially hear such an idea and question, you will feel this is a person, it is pushing the subject of the world, in any case, do you know whether you will put a blemish on anything Only at that point will you think that it's genuine ance It is a strange question that whether this world is genuine or This world is a computer it is a major revelation creation by putting inquiries on everything, did not see the organic products tumbling from the tree on that day. He would not have asked how this fruit fell and if the Newton was not dropped below, then today we would have known nothing about Law of Gravity.

This world is a computer On that day Newton asked his friend about how the fruit was not dropped on top, then Friends began to laugh and Newton's jokes began to fly and he told Newton that if you do not fall down, then you will go up, Just like you guys would say, what does this mean that this world is not how it is. This world is a real thing and the whole is in front of our eyes, what are you doing at this time Hey you can do anything at this time. I mean, what kind of condition do I know that some people from me know that all these things will be happening in the article at this time or you are going to be my blog, if you are living your life then How can the world be faked, so brothers and sisters are ready to go to such an interesting concept and in what you are writing in this blog, you will fall deeply with full mind full focus Will be because you sleep it proceeds on these Pike seem strange or understanding read it deeply |

This world is a computer When I say that this world is a fever, then what comes to your mind or, in your mind, something else becomes meaningful. Listen to this thing, this world is a mean, a universe exists, meaning it is right here. No, this is the world, it means it is necessary for this world to be thrown too. This means that you should consider this universe as a box, which is a container, and the things under the box, The stars believe that the box and the universe are real but the under-earth world is what is the planets, stars, humans and these animals, the mobile and computer technology that you have, what is the real world under On the things that we have, we are raising the question that the society is asking for this thing. .. have an example:
If you look carefully at the screen of your mobile or computer then you will notice that the screen is made of small and small elements which we call pixels Pixels are formed together in May and each pixel are made every second Color changes because of which you feel that you are getting my blogs on this screen but whatever you are seeing in my blogs is all the pixel lotus. You see the mobile and computer which you go to see the movie at the mall, the movie you see is made of the Millions of pixels, then you see the movie in the movie so that you find the movie real, but how to watch the movie It's all pixels lotus, the screen that you see in the light when you see that movie with a microscope, you see the microelements in it, then it is real that the screen is May Seen It is only a danger that you are not seeing your eyes, because you see these small tiny pixels. Pixels do you such a thing that you are watching a scene but the reality is only the screen that is just pixels. The Millions of Atom Servers They are created and when you are watching, they throw away because if there were no pixels, then that video would not have been done. If we put this concept in this universe, then the very intermingling thing comes out, it is called a matrix or simulation concept. According to this concept, this world is also designed from any computer, when you fall deeply, you will come to society. This concept may be of your science. In the world of this world, all of this is an electron, neutron, and proton bani, so all the things from the whole are made from the three things which are the same as we talk about pixels, in the same way, you can consider these three things as pixels. Meaning because of the color of pixels, you think you are watching a picture. In exactly the same way in the world that is the Atom Movement, all the things are starting from the same thing in your mind. What is it? What is it that your brain's neuron is amazing? How do you think that all of your neurons have a lotus, which together with small tiny neurons give you the power to think, because of the connection between the neuron If you understand my words, then if I see deep brain neurons, then it is also made of Atom, when all the atoms together have a neuron then you think that your neuron Works means that whatever this world may be, all that is made of Atom electrons and Proton means that the reality is the only atom and what is seen is the souls, meaning the fundamental level may only act on the atom or a small thing from the simple atom It does not matter that there is not a small thing from the Atom, but it is not yet syntactic proof. At least it is also Atom, it is also invented by anyone. Or would have meant that these pixels are made by Atom, who should have any creative or who has done its programming. Yes, I can not say pyramiding. It can not be that you are living in a computer world if you are a computer programmer or If you are a hacker then you will definitely go to society which is a computer, it is a whole world of a computer under the whole world, it is such a world. That game is designed so together and what they have real world is what seems real of Of course, he is a virtual created by programming only, so if he is a matrix or simulation concept, then he says that this world is like a computer game, if this world is really like a computer game, it is also made Whether it is done or the hands of the intelligent, this means that Amazing is your ambulance, your heart is running, blood is running in your body, the earth is roaming, it is all happening automatically. Not all starting with the said angle of course which will come start you let the world is the first made the question is the details of the world Suppose you and how you pay on income is the answer that your mom and dad. Income from your mother Dad says its income is income due to your ancestors. Income from your ancestor says it is the answer to your Human Invoice, from the Uncertain Human Times. Your Uncertain Human said, when the earth came from the Earth, when it came out of the earth, when this universe came, then the income came from this universe when it got the star and the galaxy. This universe came from the said star when it came under the galaxy under the sun's circle, it came from the Sun Mandal, it is the same question that till now the world We have not done all this. We can not know all this that according to Yuki's composition, no one can convince this parameter that those people who are programming this world have a theory that says that this world programming does nothing else but your mind is With the help of power, you can change the world with the power of your subconscious and you can also hack it. This world is someone who all depend on your mind, that means nothing is fundamental which is right for any person, anybody It can be wrong for the other person, so society can only have a life of play that you play yourself, maybe some people know about this concept. And some people consider this matrix theoretically, but as technology, we will know the secret of the world. ......
  So friends, have you ever dreamed? Have you ever considered life as a game? Have you ever heard something about this experience

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