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Friday, March 29, 2019

positive and negative effects video games

positive and negative effects video games

positive and negative effects video games
positive and negative effects video games I will say in the first line that I have not come to say that PUBG is bad for you as this thing is a simple lie, definitely reading the entire blog, because of the effect of the game's mind, you will know that knowing the science of the game is a wise one. Listen to the words of the people in the video game When you hear these words, then there are small children coming to your mind. Statics of children below 10 years of age can indeed be seen, 90% Playing the game, you will be surprised to know that 90% was for 10-year-olds, but if it is for teenagers and adults, then it is also close to 80%. This FACT was found in a study that a gamer's average age 33 years old is only 9 years old and here in one prediction it has been said that the players of the subject can be old people, this shows that the video game is a thing which is the age of every age in our society Is pissed in and it does The only thing that is ACTIVISION which is a game COMPANY was a static release, it was published in it when it was made of Call of Duty Black Ops release, a month after its rolls meant that the game was played up to 600 million hours. About 68 thousand years, every game played by how long the game played was 68 thousand years, the game was played, it was 2010, but the most played games of now it is no call of duty. No more The Counter-Strike And Not Just Out Of The Game Pubg It's CrossFire Comes After Dungeon Fighter Online Then comes the candy crush comes after you have the income to know this is how it affects your mind. It is believed that video games are bad but in reality, I would not say here that playing games all day would be good but here I would like to tell the main fact that if it is played in a balanced amount, then it will be for you It is good for the track that these games in you very powerfully put these positive effects in every way. You have never had to be in news, articles, or news in the news that the games are making the kids crazy or If the brain is diminishing then this type of Mindless articles are kept in the side and some scientists talk DAPHNE BAVELIER is a researcher, they said this in the lab and this address about video games It is believed that the video game has a bearing on you. It is the belief that playing more games gets worse, those who do not play games, their eyesight is normal and if you talk about gamers, then what do you think? Whether the eyesight of germs will be normal or not in a study, it is found in Gaming that Vision is very good in actually, which does not play better than them, it is better to have two gamer eye side than other people. It can be different if you have any medicines or some other time because you keep looking at the front of the screen while playing a game, so the power to see you in front of you is better than the other person and the second point is what it is. grey color These gamers can be better viewed as an addiction because the gray color is used in many places whether it is gun color or any dramatic scenes means if you drive Yes, and the core is filled. You can see the rest of the car, and the chances of the night's accidents will be reduced as the power to sense gray color increases with gaming. You must have noticed that many banks employes computers Live and their eyes are never bad and some people will work in a computer for a year that their eyes will get worse means that everyone has a separate gene, you believe it or not believe that Knowledge is that it shows the gameplay Actually does not impair your eyes 1 point clear. ...

After this, 2 points ......... which reduces your FOCUS and CONCENTRATION and distributes you more, but in many researchers, it has been found in the fact that people playing the game in CONFLICTS situation, from Normal Your brain seems to work much more than your attention. It is from this test that shows the color and the word of the word. How much speed do you speak in this? It affects your mind and it shows that your attribution is less No b It is more than 2 points clear ........positive and negative effects video games
And one advantage that you play games is tracking the objects in your mind. You have used this tracking many times in your daily life when you walk, you are unaware of the people around you, but not your mind. So you keep yourself in balance while walking while you are not able to recover from anybody else, and after the overdose of alcohol which happens in the person who is intoxicated, Docks for late because the drunken people walk on the shore and sometimes they collide with anyone and driving brain also a normal brain keeps track of the nearby car, so that he handles his car and prevents the accent and the car Not only the car at the time of walking but you keep a record of all those who are passing around you in your mind but in this situation it was found that the gamers could have these brains very much. It is too much when a gamer is playing, not just one thing but a lot of things to keep in mind like how much the bullet is saved when it is to reload what is animize  PARIETAL LOBE, which is a violence of the mind, it is the part of your brain that is your The track does the work and the same violence in gammers is found to be very active and the people who play the game are not the only violence but the other is too much to become more active Another advantage of the game is that you get multitasking capability in your mind, as if you are driving your car and your call comes in the phone, then at the moment you get your attention on the phone instead of driving, so the chances of your accelerator increases because of simplicity When talking, your attention will be on the same side, either in the road or in the mobile call, the gammers who are in them, the violence of the mind becomes so much activated that the focus will be immediately It works to be replaced from place to place, meaning that he can immediately move the brain from one object to another, that means he can do multitasking. This does not mean multitasking to do thousands of work together. Multitasking means doing one task and the other Forgetting the work, forgetting the second and doing it to the third gamers can develop this art very well. In this game, one work is followed by a work focus which includes the power of your multitasking power Do not just look at the positive side of the games. There is a positive and negative effect on everything in the world. But the condition here is that the games are created when you play all the time if you are a game addict Then a saint commands that the effect of this game is as if the effect of alcohol is on the body. Now you will say how you have told so many benefits now, then it is proved that if the body If you take a small quantity, it is good for your heart, because it increases the cholesterol HDL which drinks more than the alcohol limit, for them it is worse than the extent, just like this is the fact about video game if you play the game in balanced quantities, it increases your brain, if you play a lot of play, i.e. unbalanced, according to science, this mental negative effect on your body.

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