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Thursday, March 21, 2019

mysterious time travel

mysterious time travel


 1.Hakan Nordkvist
mysterious time travel

years: 2006

location: Sweden

mysterious time travel  Hakan Nordkvist came home from work every day and drinking water went to the kitchen and he saw that the water was dropped on the floor and thought that it was done. He thought that so much water could be gathered for the same reason. The pipes which I had planted would have been leaked and then they went to another room and then brought those tools from which they could fix the pipe, to fix that, they were touching the underpants of that cabinet so that they Correcting the curve was leaking from the place, only then suddenly he saw a strange thing that the pipe of the kitchen was actually very small but under the cabinet he was going too far he was watching that the pipe He was growing and he saw a bright light in the last and after that he saw that he had come in another place. After that, he stood up and saw that he was in the same place where he was in the place where he was earlier. Was on She was not the one she saw herself but she saw herself as a 70-year-old man in the year 2042, from the year 2006 to 2042 meaning 36 years in the future she said that she returned to the cabinet of that kitchen, she returned back in 2006. It is very easy to say this story that he is lying, but how can this happen, but you will say this line only when you will not see these photos. This person says that he knew that he had any belief No no She had a mobile phone with her and she pulled it from her mobile phone and she said that we spent a few hours with the people and it was filled with a lot of fun for me.

They also compared Tattoos of their hands so that people At least agree on it for a thing as well that the Hakan Nordkvist is telling the truth if he is telling the truth then the body is an explanation of how this event can happen. How is this possible Time travel multi All Theories some of the black hole theory and wormholes Theory They also compared Tattoos of their hands so that people At least agree on it for a thing as well that the Hakan Nordkvist is telling the truth if he is telling the truth then the body is an explanation of how this event can happen. How is this possible Time travel multi All Theories some of the black hole theory and wormholes is a two-time shortcut. In that sense, make a worm in your room and you go under it. Wherever you can go anywhere in the future or the past, the wormhole connects the time between two times when you come out of the other side of the wormhole The place will be the same but the time will not be included. It may be that under this cabinet, some kind of wormhole will be opened. The main thing is that according to the law of  Mahel theoretically is possible is not said theoretically not practically means no real warm hole is found to be a cyst. It needs to be researched but in our world, there is such well-folded research that the Nordkvist of the world cannot believe that information is false and the scientist It has not been able to solve this thing yet and it has become a mystery as if Albert Aston had said one thing


๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“." Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience the Mysteriously"...๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

The Nordkvist said that it does not matter whether people believe in him or not, just according to what he sees, no matter what he saw, it does not matter to the people after the incident, after a company named Machine Films He approached this person and also made a documentary on it and a pension company even gave his story in the adoration. This is how the story of the people came to know, no one could understand until today. Mr. Hakan what happened with Nordkvist


mysterious time travel

YEARS; 1935

Location: Sweden

A Respected Air Marcel named after Sir Robert Victor Goddard was going from a place called Wendover, then he decided to change it today by changing it below. The dub is a one-time airbase, a dramatized airbase A branded airbase which was closed from the years which was the airbase that was seized, it was not as normal as I said that it was closed, no person saw there. As soon as the dorm was turned into the forest, as soon as the dirt was passing over and watching the view, suddenly there was a storm like a storm in the air, and after that, what they saw was a strange sight. Agaya means 2 sec. Underwater rain showers turned their heat into the atmosphere, they saw the bottom, and they saw the low-air airbase creating a completely new airbase. They saw people were working in Blue Uniform to pay attention to Blue Uniform. A lot of airplanes were coming to that base and people with Blue Uniform were healing the dreaded airplane. They saw this scene they saw Six sec After that, the electricity again shook off and suddenly he saw that the base was looking like a closed bargain base like he kept the balance of the plane like that and it was very difficult to know the experience he had experienced after landing Jaguar in Edinburgh. What happened to me at the time of coming to see his story was not stopped by his friends laughing is that Sir Robert Victor Goddard suggested It was Marcel and he was considered to be the most intelligent and intelligent of the base. People thought how such an intelligent person could do such things. The story is like a confused man. It has been similar to the twist in the story. It was 4 years later i.e., a strange thing happened in 1939 that the airbase was completely new; that day was used to become the incoming airbase. It became a wake up which became disturbed Airbase became a new airbase and used to be the right mechanics, we used to wear a very well base, but minutes were seen by Robert this scene, that is the mirror 4 years ago i.e., in 1935, that was what he had seen, and exactly the same The scene was going to be true in 1939. It is easy to say that he has heard many stories about the time slip experience going to the past, but very little of the story goes in the future.

3. Broken Radar contact: the mystery of the plane

mysterious time travel

year: 1974

Location: Miami, Florida

A national airline 727 was in the air. Plane NormaL was traveling on his way. The plane got an emergency message from the control room immediately. Emergency land down the plane immediately. The pilot was confused with the control tower out of no wires. Kiyo Bolaraha is here but everything is normal because you thought you were going to the plane and everything is normal and suddenly nine of emergency landing If so, then you will feel like no hurricane, no hurricane, no rush, everything is going to be called normal and suddenly the plane is called down. Confuse pilot finally lands down Normand and all passenger is taken off the plane, both passenger and pilot Confucius was suddenly afraid that the pilot was suddenly landed and demanded that he would do the  so that we were taken to the land where the security Crown was informed that the plane was missing from the radar for 10 minutes. You must know that all those who come from the plane are all detected by the radar, then the plane disappeared from the same radar screen. The plane was normal but the plane disappeared but everything from the point of view of the pilot was normal, then the pilot was told that what is happening in your watch and the time of the plane is just to see when It was the pilot's clock and the clock of the plane and 9:45 am in the clock of the entire passenger, but the time was 9: 30 in the actual time of the airport and the mahinde clock of the airport was seen in the complete For the world, 9: 30 is happening, time of time to get up and the time of the airport is always the same, but this time, how was the plane 10 minutes back a while ago when the plane was in the sky when the plane of the plane and the control tower And had disappeared from the plane's radar, then what happened in the control room below, if an employee watching the radar would see that the plane disappeared from the radar so that it would feel that the plane had crashed down and they had The same idea was immediately sent to Emergency Services to check that the plane was said to have been a crash land, they thought the crash would have happened and that it would find crash plane in West Miami. The workers were working to find the radar and were monitoring the other plans. These planes were crashed. They are looking for the plane. The work is going on here, so they start to focus on their work and monitor the normality of other plans. There were lots of planes coming on the radar and coming from the position of the radar from where the .727 was missing, but the employees did not feel weird that the plane was crashed But suddenly, the plane that suddenly disappeared, the radar had become completely different, the way the plane disappeared from the spots, it was the plane sinus which is absolutely impossible, even if the plane did not crash and further Even if it is too big, then in 10 minutes, it should be very far from that position, but after 10 minutes it is not coming back from the same spot, it is not digested in 10 minutes by passenger pilot Something was strange and they did not notice anything. According to the available information, so far the only conclusions are that the plane did not do Simply Exist for 10 minutes, which meant it was not for 10 minutes that he disappeared from our world. The national airline 727 has not been able to solve the problem till date. When this incident happened, it is also a big conclave, someone says, 1969 and someone says that in 2003, 1971 According to a true writer who wrote the author of the True Time Travel, this was done in 1974, the company of Miami Herald  published this printed report of this incident in 1974 and therefore is thinking of this date in this story. A book in 1991 was also told in the ghosts of the air. Whether this story is true or not, you leave it on me. Everybody has their own Opinion. Think ..............

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