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Sunday, March 24, 2019

mind-blowing facts about space

mind-blowing facts about space

mind-blowing facts about space

mind-blowing facts about space When we look at the sky at night, we do not see it with the attention of what it should meet
In this world and in this blog, you are going to tell 5 facts after knowing that when you see the sky next time, you must definitely say that this universe is truly Amazing

mind-blowing facts about space #1. 


mind-blowing facts about space

Over the centuries, we have been thinking that the universe is made up of a lot of things which we normally see, if the first LEVEL is spoken, then the same electrons, protons, and neurons went on releasing science and we have come to know that Universe is not created only by these things which you see in the sky far away, like the moon, stars, asteroid, planets, this is just 5 percent of the Universe, only 5 left 95 percent then the Universe da It is made of matter and dark energy. This is the problem of dark matter that we can not see it directly. Any cystitis has not fully understood this matter and it remains a mysterious yet.

mind-blowing facts about space #2.


mind-blowing facts about space

Scientists have tried to find out how large this universe is, but the conclusion comes out that there is no end to the universe. With Research Technology, we have come to know that the size of the universe is 9 3 billion lightyears but in 1929 A scientist in this research has done that the Universe is getting expanded, in a very fast way, everything has changed. The Universe is not just being expanded, it is also becoming suspicious. And the speed of its expansion will continue to increase.

mind-blowing facts about space #3.

 The energy of the sun:

mind-blowing facts about space

The size of the sun is about 109 times more than the Earth but the sun actually produces extra energy as much as you can not imagine the tree plant produces energy from photosynthesis, if we add that all the trees plant together 6 times the number of power consumed from the beginning of the human race, the trees use the sun's energy, if we collect energy from the sun one day, then we can use it for years. So nowadays, solar panels are used at different places so that we can capture the power of the sun-giving energy.

mind-blowing facts about space #4. 


mind-blowing facts about space
We have been hearing this space in many studies yo and what we got nothing. Well, leaving only a mysterious event, a radio telescope of Ohio i.e. an August 15, 1,977 i.e. a signal that was coming from space was a space Regular source of such a signal that might send aliens to us
A computer-stored all the numbers that were in the message, then the signal was seen by Astronaut Jerry  and  they wrote only one word on the side of the paper and it was wow that the incident had caused Astronaut to intimidate them, after that There was a hope for such a signal till the year, but no signal has returned from that day to the present. It has still remained a mystery.

mind-blowing facts about space #5. 


mind-blowing facts about space

If you take the same metal in space, that is, two pieces, then if you take it in space for a single time it will be added for that. We also call it COLD WELDING because it does not air the earth. If we try to add two metal in the air of the earth, then the oxidized layer comes in which prevents the attachment between the two, but if you do that in space, then the two pieces of metal are a continent. Will become metal

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