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Saturday, March 23, 2019

healthy foods

healthy foods

healthy foods

healthy-foods  You do a lot to increase the power of the brain but your look is as important as what it looks like this is also very important in today's world, because the blog is not going to meet the people who are going to tell about you are beautiful and the glow of your face will grow up to 10 times  healthy-foods
You must know that the method of preventing the age is not with science yet, but you can definitely slow the speed of aging, if you start eating these foods, you are going to tell about 10 - You can look young for 15 years, when you are 30-35, even then you will look like 20-22 and it will be eaten by these: .....


healthy foods

 A good source of curd protein and calcium is the protein that helps in making your muscles in your body and calcium strengthens your body. In yogurt, millions of bacteria strengthen your ecosystem, it is said that all diseases It is produced from the stomach. This means that if your choice is right, food is pasta good then you can not get sick, hence daily yogurt Do not forget to



Carrot is like nectar for your eyes, which means it will never let your eyes go bad and if it is bad then it will lose your eyes. Carrot is very beneficial for the retina of the underarm for your eyes, and therefore the person who has a regular carrots account does not diminish the light of his eyes. Carrot is also good for your teeth. Cats and pain in the teeth, or any problems in the Dato, the carrots fix it. Carrot makes your skin more beautiful and the brain benefits Do the carrot your power of reconciliation 5 to 6 times if you have your regular intake then


healthy foods

The orange is very good for your blood circulation, which means it helps to reach the blood in your body everywhere, due to which the body remains under the weight under the body, orange is also good for your heart. Someone else has heart disease in the family but if you eat the orange, then forget any problem of the heart. Your heart will be healthy in your body. The stem is also Problem
Such as pimples and all this reduces.


healthy foods

Under tomato there are many vitamins such as Vitamins A and Vitamins C, both vitamins make your skin beautiful so that your skin starts to shine, especially the Vitamin A that makes your eyes sharp and as far as your skin It is a matter of fact that in today you are telling a secret fact that the amount of expensive antique product in the market does not mean that which reduces the speed of your age. The use of tomatoes is also used in that too, with the addition of many chemicals, creams are made more and more if you eat some regular tomato, then your health will keep you young.


healthy foods

Of all the things I have told you about, this is more special than all of them. The spinach is one of the world's most famous elephants and it is very good like a carrot and it is very good in spinach. Vitamin K, which strengthens your body, prevents spinal hypertension i.e. heart problems, even today in any family i.e. high blood pressure. The spinach, the greens avoid this dangerous high blood pressure. Spinach contains zinc, magnesium which reduces the body's tone. It helps you to get a night of deep sleep at night, this is your immune system that means the disease in your body. Prevents him even more. The spinach also reduces the pimples in your cheek, telling a simple thing that he does not understand your skin, which is bad with time, that bacteria radicals It is because that these radicals destroy your skin, and due to this your skin does not shine, but the spinach, the gag kills these radicals and because of this, your skin starts to shine, it is simple science and the spinach, the greens The best thing is that it accelerates your brain; it strengthens your under-the-under neurons; That's why your mortality increases. The young ones just do not work.  looks very beautiful but if it is weak from the brain, then it does not look good. But the young man goes along with the body like lightning. There is no better thing than this, but the parent fulfills this mentality and as I said It also reduces pimples, you will look good and your brain  Will be healthy

The number of items that you have told, that is, if you do it regularly, you can look younger for 10 to 15 years. The thing is that more people do not know about it so they can not take advantage of these foods. It seems to be 50's in a year. You have got this valuable information, or you just get started. Of these 5 items, who are you thinking of eating regularly? ...
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