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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

 Bloody Mary
 BLOODY MARY This name will be heard even before, but do you know what the story of bloody mary is. This is a true phenomenon: bloody mary is absolutely real and history is full of it. Its full information in history is  BLOODY MARY and none Queen of England MARY TUDOR Once upon a time, a girl named MARY was named after her death, and she is named after her, a very big reason behind it. Whatever we hear about BLOODY MARY is absolutely true, millions of people have seen it.

So finally what is BLOODY MARY? 

BLOODY MARY is intimate, which is known as the devil clock, you can see it in the middle of the morning from 2.33 AM to 3.33 AM minutes. ...... With a candle, you go to a bigger lead. No light burns in the room. Burning the light will not show you. There should be only burning monkey in your room after that stand a little away from the lead. Seeing the lead in the lead 3 times the name BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MARY 4 seconds after looking at lead, you will see a face above your own face, blood is coming out of his eyes and there is a hate on the face which Though He is a famous way to contact BLOODY MARY from this day when people did experience the things that you can not imagine. One person from England said that he stood up to his head at night 3 times it took the name BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MARY, BLOODY MARY After speaking, she saw a girl on her face, whose eyes were bleeding was the face of BLOODY MARY She was calm for a few seconds but in a while Attack on boy mirror These people, who were removed, are still lucky. They have just lost their eyes, but many people lost their lives only after the name of BLOODY MARY. Those people who have survived say that they also appear in this dream as BLOODY MARY It is said that if you say that you have stolen your baby 3 times near the lead, then it will start getting more and more, it means that I have stolen your child and you have read the story of this child.

From 1509 to 1547, HENRY VII was the King of England. They had two daughters ELIZABETH and MARY In earlier times, Rajo had more than one wife and there were many wives of King Henry.  Mary was the first wife's daughter, and her father did not accept and the pain was treated with MARY. Even the servants of Mary used to do all the work of the work. His father HENRY was the most powerful man of England and he lived the life of MARY Whatever Mary could do, MARY never gave a reverse answer, which her father said she did, in 1547, King Henry died, when MARY grew up,  and MARY became the queen of England. After a year, Mary wished life for freedom for the first time after becoming a queen, but now she could do whatever she wanted, but the condition of England was not good at all; England, instead of a religion, There was a fight between the Protestants and the CATHOLICS religion in England, but MARY wanted that there was only one religion in England but the people refused. PROTESTANTS wanted to stay in their religion and Catholics wanted to live in their religion. Those people who were denying the matter of MARY, MARY punished them for killing those who refused to live in a religion, they were burnt alive, so people didn't start to like MARY and MARY people got a villain. It is also said about MARY that she used to take bath in exchange for water while bathing. she believed that blood could be kept alive for more than a few days. After a few years, MARY married And she started to live a normal life. MARY needed a child. The next king or queen should have chosen her child. After a few months later news of MARY being pregnant, MARY was also very happy with the whole of England The child of the cookie MARY was now born and at the same time there was a very strange thing that no child was born. It was a very strange thing that had never happened before in history.

The condition of MARY remained the same for a few months. But after a few months, her stomach

Bloody Mary

became normal, in that month, the priest told that there was not a child on her stomach for so many days, but a ghost was inhabited. The image of MARY is even worse in the mind of the people. After a few days, again, in that stomach, that witch started residing again. Then she got pregnant and there was no child. MARY was killed some days later MARY's thinking was not well and her move  Because of the practice, people considered him unkind, because she used to burn the people alive and bathed with blood when the ghost which went into his stomach and there was no child, then the people declared MARY as a serpent and I Due to her name, her name was BLOODY MARY After her death, she got the throne from her sister ELIZABETH. This story tells us that MARY was one of the most destructive of luck in England and that I initially said that I stole your In front of the baby mirror, she will start getting more and more MARY, MARY wanted a child and her wish remained dormant even after death, and she was so much excited that her soul is still alive today.

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