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Friday, March 15, 2019

annabelle horror story

Annabelle horror story

annabelle horror story

annabelle horror story: The movie was released in 2013, which was named "The CONJURING". This movie was different from the other movies. It was based on the real event. The most horrific content of this movie was that doll whose name was annabelle horror story. The real Annabelle was redesigning the doll to entertain that movie much more, but in reality, it seems like a little bit like the other.

annabelle horror story The story of Annabelle  begins in the year 1970, in which a girl whose name was donna, her mother has a dollar gift, she loved dolls since childhood and hence, despite being in the college she also played with the doll, Donna was in her collage and that nurse She was studying a roommate, whose name was ANGIE and she used to live in an apartment when her mother gifted her a doll, then donna accepted it with great pleasure and kept that doll on the bed. After long Donna and her friend, ANGIE both noticed that the doll started moving from place to place on her own when the house was over, at that time the position of the doll was changed when she used to go to college with a doll from a room and come from collage. These things gradually increased. After a few weeks, this incident began to become a bit scary, the two friends came from their college in one evening, then they saw many papers at home as I wrote them. It was HELP US! HELP US! Changing the position of a doll was a common thing for girls. One night when she came home, she found that dollar in the place where she had been abandoned, but both of them were feeling a little weird and DONNA When he saw the doll carefully, he saw that the blood has been bleed. The two girls were fully-rated from this blooded incident. After that, he called a paranormal inventor at his house to go to that doll. To investigate that investigator said that this doll is a dead girl's soul, whose name was Annabelle HIGGINS that investigator asked to talk to Annabelle , the Spirit of Annabelle told her that she used to live on the same land The apartment is made up of which both of these friends live, and Annabelle said that his death had occurred when he was 7 years old, and he also said that he feels safe with Donna and Angie and that he is an investigator He asked if he could live with those girls who were studying donna and Angie nurse and doing good to the people was his job, he was sad to hear the story of Annabelle and therefore gave Annabelle permission to stay with him. And Angie had a friend whose name was lou and she also lived with him in the other room lou said something else that she did not like the dawn since the girls accepted that doll, but lou said this Was that a lot of dollars And therefore, he should not accept it but donna did not agree to lou, he found that the investigator was right and he only said that the under 7-year-old girl is a young man, it does not hurt anyone. Wanted to love only but donna did not know that his talk was going to be proved wrong soon one night was sleeping in the lou apartment, his sleep was suddenly broken at midnight, LOU had felt that He was unable to shake his body and he was completely stunned and he heard a boy's laugh, and when he looked downwards, Annabelle was coming down from the bottom of his bed and he could not shake his body. Annabelle stopped at the body of LOU and she started seeing him again LOU got bored, the next day when he came to Hosse, he saw that Annabelle is in his room, he was not able to confirm that at night that he had a dream that he had a dream Or was some reality LOU and Angie in the afternoon were alone in the apartment Suddenly a strange voice was heard, both of them thought that a thief had entered the apartment LOU went to the bedroom and he saw that the room was empty, no one was under his command, instead of the dollar which was in the room in the room. It was lying in the room that suddenly felt that someone behind him had suddenly turned around and seen that there was no one behind him suddenly feeling pain in his chest and when he got his hand on his heart I was scratching my body and blood was coming from that place. Such strange things started happening in that house; donna and Angie felt that a 7-year-old girl could never do this and she started doing so on the dollar and therefore He called a priest whose name was FATHER HEGAN, he consulted FATHERS, who were the eldest priest, then he contacted the FATHER to COOK, then FATHER COOK contacted Lauren and you saw him in the movie Only Ed Warren talked to donna, LOU and Angie in that apartment and after investigation they came to know that Annabelle is not just a 7-year-old girl but is a satan's soul who is pretending to be a little girl And his intention was not to find love but to take possession of donna or the body of his friends, that is to surround the body, donna gave that wound to Ed Warren and Ed Warren took the discipline of keeping that doll with you. Ed Warren put Annabelle on the back seat of the car when he was taking home that doll, then both of them were feeling a strange hat that they were able to feel and between the car steering and brake off There was tax evasion in one place the balance of the car got completely worsened and therefore Ed Warren spilled off the Holly Water ANNABELLE and managed to calm that dollar and they did notice this in the last few days of their arrival. That Annabella He himself went to another room, a Special priest, whose name was FATHER JASON BRADFORD, to see that Annabelle income at Ed Warren's house and after seeing that dollar raised that dollar and said "you are just a doll Then Ed Warren asked that priest if you did not say this line, and Ed Warren said that he went home and asked to drive with caution and after reaching home asked him to call Ed Warren believed that this doll would say this thing A few hours later, a phone call comes in which the priest told that the survivor of the accident, Ed Warren took out an idea that a special wooden room for Annabelleshould be made and kept in a museum where He is still alive.

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